Transcript #92. How to get the job you want and bring your dream career to life.

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Renata: Hello. In this episode, we are going to talk about how to get the job you want and bring your dream career to life. This is, in fact, the title of my brand new free job hunting masterclass, which I am hoping all of you will register to attend. It’s happening on the 3rd of August here in Melbourne, Australia. So it could be the 2nd of August, wherever you are in the world. And the best way to make sure that you are available and can attend is to go to my website, There's a link to it in the episode, show notes. Now I only do these free masterclasses a couple of times a year. I hope to do the job hunting masterclass twice a year. And the timing of them is strategic. So it's not like randomly selected. I do them at the beginning of August for a reason. And I also do one in February. 


Renata: And it's because, you know, it's a few months before the end of the year. And if you are keen to find a new job, and if you are keen to make better strategic plans for your career, I find that August is a great time. In many countries like Australia, it's the beginning of a new financial year, but in other countries, it's kind of moving towards the end of the financial year at the end of the year. So those two, sort of economic factors and the employer side of things, means that more opportunities come up between, I believe, August and the beginning of December. And then again, from February to June, July, I find there's a bit of a dead month. And some, sometimes people think that because we're in lockdown at the moment that it's COVID related to him, Melbourne in most of Australia is on the lockdown. And when people call me and say, oh, COVID is screwing my plans.


Renata: There's nothing available in July. It's not just COVID, you know, July is always kind of a, you know, in my perspective, an interesting month, in, in some countries it's summer, and nobody's really doing anything. So August, August is a great time to kickstart those plans. So I want you to listen today because I'm going to give you some idea of what the master class is, but if you can't attend, you might just want to listen and see if you can get some information today that will be available. Any important to you in this podcast now? Podcasts have a long pipeline. So if you're listening to this and it's not July 20, 21 anymore, then don't feel bad. As I said, I will have the job hunting masterclasses a couple of times a year, and you can attend some all the time and the best way for you to find out when I'm running.


Renata: The masterclasses is subscribe to my newsletter. There's a link to that below as well. If you're listening to this after August 2021, okay. So there are other opportunities., the newsletter is a weekly newsletter. It comes out every Tuesday morning here in Australia, and it has the new episode of the job hunting masterclass, news from me like things like, you know, there's a masterclass, yada yada. I also am often asked to speak at events. So I let people know where I'll be. If you want to, you know, see me talk about job hunting. And I also share important articles and news that are, I think, very important for professionals in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors if they are career-driven. They are enthusiastic about their career progression. I think those are articles that I, so I select them very carefully for you.


Renata: All right. So here we go. Let's talk about how to get the job you want and bring your dream career to life. I love this title, and this title came to me, not from my head. It’s you, you, you know, people that reach out to me answer my surveys, my clients, fast group coaching clients. These are words that I always, you know, am bombarded with. You know, when I asked what is it that you want? But the other words that I also get, and they're very common in the answers, to my surveys, are things like, you know, worrying about your future, not getting interviews, getting anxious, not finding the energy to go through recruitment, and selection process, not having a clue where to start, and wishing that you can start over. so those are words that are very, very common, for job hunters and people that feel that they are stuck in their careers, stuck in a bad job, or have tried a job hunt in the past and couldn't get through and convert to a new job. So this masterclass will address all of those issues and, you know, especially the myths. 


Renata: So I want to tell you about what happened to me last week. I have a sports coach now because I have very bad knees and this, person is now helping me recover. So I'm getting my knees injected with Hilary chronic acid. I've had them MRIs can like the whole shebang, and they're really in poor form. And I went to see him for the first time, and we had a one-on-one a half session. I'm seeing him again next week. I'm very excited about having somebody who is to help me fix my knees. And after I explained to him what was happening to me, he said, thank you for not self-diagnosing.


Renata: And I thought this was really funny and interesting because it's very common for people to self-diagnose. If they have something, they probably would come, go to him and say, oh, you know, you need to fix my knees or, you know, need to, you know, work on this muscle here. When in fact what I had to give him in what I did give him, it was all of the information and the fact that I had, you know, I can't walk. This is why it hurts. This is how I feel when I wake up, this is how I feel during the day. So I gave him all the factual information so that he could diagnose me. And I get that as well as a coach. People come to me and say, I need you to fix my resume because I'm not getting any job interviews, or I need you to help me practice for my interview questions because I'm not converting than those, you're self-diagnosing what the problem is.


Renata: And you're creating all these myths, you know, and people put things like resumes on a pedestal, and they forget that that's not just what helps you get a job. There are so many things that happen before and after the creation of a resume that is way more important than the resume itself. So all of those myths are holding you back and blinding you from the realities of understanding what recruitment and selection entail and how to do it better, quicker, faster, and smarter. I love running these masterclasses so that I can educate and, and make my followers understand, what it means to create a resume that converts and, and that resumes just the tipping point there, things that happen before and after that are, if not more important, but just as important as the resume itself. So that's just one of the myths, and there will be more, more myths to uncover and overcome misconceptions when you attend the master class, so I hope you do.


Renata: Then, you know, I'd like to talk about the importance of understanding what it takes to transfer sectors. And I am obsessed with this at the moment because, of course, the pandemic disrupted many sectors. Some sectors have disappeared, disappeared, and other sectors are booming. And so many professionals need to learn how to successfully transfer these skills to a new industry and a new career. And when they do it, if they don't have this information that I'm going to share in the master class, what happens is a lot of copy-pasting. A lot of generic words. Many people present themselves as a generalist because they believe that that will transfer to our skills better. A lot of people using the same tape templates as others.


Renata: So you go to LinkedIn profiles, and they all look the same. Everybody's using the same keywords, the same jargon, and the same way of explaining their experience because they're trying to be more accepted by sectors in which they don't have a lot of previous experience. So that is a huge problem that I see. And I'd like to address that with you in this masterclass. So this is important, especially now more than ever transferring sectors have always, it has always been an issue, right? So, it's not something new, but it's just exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and what it has done to some industries. So let's look at that at the masterclass. 


Renata: And then, I'd love to talk about networking because, you know, like half of the country here is on lockdown, and I don't want professionals to use the lockdown as a net, as an excuse to postpone important conversations. There are ways that you can do that, but also because if networking is not something that you do naturally, or you're naturally inclined to do you, you will find any excuse to postpone it and to procrastinate on this. And, and you know, and, and think, oh, okay, it's locked down. Everybody's at home. I might as well just continuously apply for jobs because that's the only thing I can do well. That is definitely not true. And I want to discuss in the master class how you can adapt it to your personality and adapt it to the lockdown mode that many countries around the world keep going back to. There are no excuses to, to not do, networking during these circumstances. But you know what, sometimes I do let my clients off the hook if they are not comfortable networking. And I want to tell you when I actually, let off the hook and, you know, it's a compromise, and we agree on, on things and, you know, they feel more comfortable because they don't feel pressured to do the networking that they're so not inclined to do. So, we can discuss that at the master class as well. And I really look forward to sharing that information with you.


Renata: and then I like to make sure that, you know, I'm, I'm obsessed with helping you, have the, your best career, whatever that best career looks to you, you know, your version of the best career, not my version, not, you know, the version that you believe is expected of you. I want you to find what it is that makes you tick, that makes you motivated. As far as we know, we only live once. And if you are in your thirties and your forties and your fifties, you have almost a responsibility to yourself to, to find a way to your preferred future and to feel excellent in the present, you know, fuel focused, fuel, like you're going in the right direction. And I, and it takes such a huge mental load off professionals when they have a career plan in place, right. 


Renata: Instead of having all of these thoughts and, and concerns, clouding their brain, and constantly upsetting you when you're about to go to bed, or when you're having a shower when you're walking your dog, you're thinking about it. And, you know, then you avoid it as much as you can because it makes you uncomfortable. Well, you don't have to live like that. You know, I want this masterclass to help you understand the importance of gaining that focus. And, you know, having templates, having templates that I can give you, or that you can create yourself because it will equip you with tools and resources to then make that job hunt or anything that you're doing in your professional career easier do.


Renata: You know, there are so many things that we do on our day-to-day jobs that are so repetitive, and I have a few templates to help you with career advancement, right? And, also the importance of giving of having and giving yourself permission to, to engage experts support. I have a client who, oh, I'm so excited for her. She has done a series of consultations with me. She wasn't getting any offers for quite a while. And then suddenly, you know, she started getting all of these amazing offers, and she ended up with two amazing job offers, and she is starting work now. And she's already engaging me to, you know, be her coach. And she's considering if she should engage me for six months or 12 months, and not many clients would engage me for 12 months, in fact, and that's not very common.


Renata: And I don't think, you know, you need to do that if you're listening and you're worried, don't worry. I'm not trying to sell you that. But she has a very big job. It's a very big responsibility. It's a big jump. It's a different area that she's not entirely familiar with. And she's like, oh, am I crazy that I want 12 months of coaching, and I’m like. No, you're not crazy that you want 12 months of coaching. You know, many successful leaders have coaches as retainers. You know, it's very lonely at the top. It's great to have that time during the month to brainstorm ideas with somebody that's not going to judge you, which will make things harder for you at work. You know, if you let's say you decide to open up about your own vulnerabilities or your issues or your concerns with your boss or with a colleague, you're always worried about making a career-limiting move. You're always worried about whatever, you know, that, that, that it may impact you. So you're not true to yourself, and you're not open enough. And that's why so many great leaders have coaches. That's why all sports people have coaches and so on. So, no, it's not crazy that you want to sign me up for 12 months. Let's do it. So you don't have to. Then, the great thing about my platform is it's very democratic. There are lots of different ways of engaging me. And in fact, the podcast is free.


Renata: So as long as you find the time, and this is another episode of the job hunting podcast that's coming next week, right time, just remember that word. Next week, I want you to listen to the episode about finding the time and how important time is for anybody who wants to succeed in their career. Then, of course, you know, who is this masterclass for? Well, this master class is for you. If you're listening to this podcast, right? This podcast was designed to help professionals in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors progress in their careers.


Renata: Sometimes I get a doctor calling me, sometimes I get, you know, like somebody from a completely different area, calling me for advice. And they say that they listened to the podcast and it helps in, and I'm glad, but this podcast is for people that are white-collar workers that used to work in, you know, offices that are probably now working from home or doing some sort of blend between home and office. And this podcast is for you. This podcast is also for professionals with already quite a, you know, sort of a, an experienced career of 10, 15 years of work experience. So, if you are younger than that, you and you’re, I consider you a rising star. I'm so glad that you found this podcast and that you're listening. I know that there is a group of students at Macquarie University that listened to my podcast. Shout out to you guys. And I believe there may be many others that do, too.


Renata: Of course you can attend the earlier you understand how to manage your career now and in the future, the better will be for you. You know, I wish I had this sort of understanding earlier on, so of course you, you can come, but the podcast and the masterclass are designed for people that are in middle management roles, project management roles that are in that sort of transition between being an individual contributor to a manager, a team manager, a leader of an organization or department or team so, or project. So if you find yourself, in, in sort of that kind of situation, then this masterclass is definitely for you. Maybe you're not, you're not looking for a job right now, but if you have time, come in and watch the masterclass live with me because it could be that, you know, you might find yourself in a situation in the near future where you will need to, God knows. I've been surprised when I was made redundant back in 2018, right. So you never know, and it's better to have that information. And you know what, if you can't attend live on the third, register anyway, I'll send you a link to the recording of that podcast, and it's available for an additional two weeks. I think the recording. So you have, you know, that two-week period where you can watch it at your own time whenever you want. So that's that.


Renata: And I have had great results from people that have watched the masterclass in the past. If you go to the landing page to register, you will see the testimonials from people who did it in February 2021. I could have gone down, gone back, and found more. In fact, because I've also ran this, LA in 2020, I may add more. I have three there for you to look at, you know, from Chris, Vanessa, and Susie, what they thought of the masterclass, how it helped them, and how it has paid off. The advice that I gave. So, have a read on the landing page. And then, of course, you know, some of my great sort of friends in this profession, great collaborators, have written testimonials about my work. And I know that they're sharing the masterclass on LinkedIn and, and I'm really, really proud to have so many great colleagues, fellow coaches, and recruiters that support what I do for you because I think that we need more collaboration between recruiters, job hunters, employers, coaches, to make life better for the candidate.


Renata: I think that it's a very lonely pursuit to engage in job hunting and career advancement. And I don't want that to be like that. And do I, there's a lack of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to get the job you want. And I am here to fill that gap for you. So, of course, I really, really, really, really want you to come and attend the job hunting master class. On the 3rd of August, there are two times available and you can choose. And as I said, if you can't attend, don't worry, I will send you a link of the recording, and you can watch it for the next two weeks after the 3rd of August, it will be available for you. Okay.


Renata: So yes, the next episode will be about time and how I think time is important for job hunters. That's, coming up next week. So watch and listen to that one when you have a minute, and contact me if there's anything that I can do to help you in your career at this time. Ciao for now.


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