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LinkedIn® Audit Service

Need to update your LinkedIn® profile? Get my expert opinion and guidance. Watch this video where I explain how my LinkedIn® audit service will help you improve your executive presence on this crucial platform.

What to Expect from Our LinkedIn Audit:

  • The LinkedIn® audit includes a detailed video recording (45-60-mins long), where I go through your LinkedIn® profile top to bottom, giving you tips and advice along the way
  • You will receive the video link by email and a written report with my key recommendations to improve your profile
  • If you actively post or comment, I will review your activity and make recommendations to align with your profile and career goals. If you are not yet posting and commenting, I will advise you on topics, formats, and ideas that you can consider if you are interested in being more active on LinkedIn®
  • With a list of recommendations, tips, and ideas, you will feel more confident and less stressed about using LinkedIn®, more motivated, and more excited about the next steps you need to take to achieve your career goals
  • $400 AUD (GST inc.)

How Lisa Used the LinkedIn® Audit Service to Reach Her Goals

The thought of having to update my LinkedIn® profile alone was overwhelming.

My LinkedIn® profile had very little information about my career. I created it because I knew I had to, but updating it was something I avoided for years. However, I won’t be staying in my current role, and it’s time to start looking for another job. The thought of having to update my LinkedIn® profile alone was overwhelming, and I felt I could do with some expert help and guidance.

The LinkedIn® audit is tailored and done for me, so I really think it makes all the difference.

I only just got it back, but have already started implementing the recommendations and tips Renata gave me. The feedback was extremely useful, as has been The Job Hunting Podcast, which I’ve been following for a few months now. However, the audit is tailored and done for me, so I really think it makes all the difference.

Just do it! 

It really helped me and I have enjoyed the journey and reflections that I’ve gained through her service.

Lisa is a corporate professional based in Australia. The photo is stock to protect her privacy (but she also has a great smile!).

How Lisa Used the LinkedIn® Audit Service to Reach Her Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to double-check that my LinkedIn® service is just what you need to reach your goals.

What do I need to send you?

When you order The LinkedIn® Audit, you’ll be prompted to enter your name, your LinkedIn® profile URL, and any goals, context, or specific questions you want to be answered in your review.

There’s nothing you need to prepare in advance. Save your time and energy for when you receive the results of your LinkedIn® profile audit! 

Yes, absolutely. A confidentiality agreement will bind you and me once you book your audit. There’s also no judgment and no right or wrong answers or paths to pursue. Every career is unique. Every profile is unique. Once you access your video, I recommend downloading and saving it, as I will be deleting it from my end in a few weeks.

After you place your order, you can expect to receive your review within ten business days after ordering. If I’m experiencing a high volume of orders, I’ll let you know if the wait will be longer.

You must check the rules that apply to your current country and pay taxes. In Australia, in certain instances, coaching services can be claimed under Self Education Expenses. I provide a tax invoice and recommend you seek the advice of an accountant. For more information, click here to to the ATO website.

LinkedIn Audit Service

Let Your Profile Do The Work
$ 400 AUD
  • Get your profile expertly reviewed
  • Find areas for improvements
  • Identify what's not working
  • Gain the confidence to start posting
  • Get more views and messages from recruiters

Still Not Sure? Read Anita's feedback

“I know it’s daunting for professionals who would rather deliver at work than focus on themselves, but Renata will help you reframe that thinking.  It can be hard to know where to begin on this discovery of your next career step, and everyone feels super vulnerable at some point. Don’t worry; there’s a virtual hand holding all the way through. Renata herself is an experienced senior executive who’s been directly involved in many senior hires, leading large teams, and consulting with blue-chip employers. You’ll be amazed to discover what you didn’t know about how to step up into your next role.” 

Anita Ziemer is the Executive Director of the recruitment firm Slade Group and an experienced Recruiter and Executive Search Consultant

Anita Ziemer is the Executive Director of the recruitment firm Slade Group and an experienced Recruiter and Executive Search Consultant
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