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Job-hunting Expert and Career Coach Renata Bernarde

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Hi, I'm Renata Bernarde. I teach professionals in the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors the steps and frameworks to help them find great jobs, change, and advance their careers with confidence and less stress.

I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t find you.

"I’d probably still be unemployed. Job hunting is so emotional. Those months were the hardest months I’ve ever had, and it’s all in your mind. And you feel so alone, so I think the value in group coaching is that I’m not by myself. Especially a lot of people felt isolated because of covid. Having that shared experience with other people was helpful." - Coaching Client

The fee for this service seems to be even more worth the investment.

"I've already incorporated a large number of the changes you've suggested, as you can tell from my refreshed LinkedIn profile! You are very detailed. I didn't realize until I received the report that you have done a lot of research and review. And you even sent me some specific articles about LinkedIn that suited my career transition; they were useful too." - LinkedIn Audit Client.

"Renata, I need help:"

I don't know where to start.

The Optimized Job Search Schedule & Masterclass help you build the best routine that suits your needs, no matter how much (or how little) time you have. You will reduce your job-search time and get the right things done.

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I need help with LinkedIn.

Get your LinkedIn profile and activity professionally and expertly reviewed for the purpose of job-hunting and career advancement. Learn how to use LinkedIn to attract opportunities, recruiters, and hiring managers.

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I need your help now!

Book a consultation to review your resume, career plans, prepare for a job interview, and much more. Set aside some time to invest in you, discuss your job hunting blocks, and set realistic goals for your career advancement. 

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I want you to coach me.

Book a 30-minute no-commitment call with me. Let's discuss private coaching for you. I want to ensure you achieve results faster and get the support you need to succeed through a challenging career transition.

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I absolutely would not have got to this point without your help.

"It was the best decision I ever made. Still have to get the current pending projects converted, but as I mentioned, at least now I have more confidence with my CV and LinkedIn Profile. Your fantastic guidance and clear methodology on all the important steps in the job-hunting process, such as how to reach out to contacts and recruiters, were extremely helpful, and I must thank you for highlighting those areas that I needed improvement. It really has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you and talk with you on a regular basis." - Coaching Client, Hong Kong.

I listen all the way from South Africa. What you say is relevant even from far away.

"Thank you so much for the LinkedIn Checklist. It has come in very handy as I prepare to go back to the job market in search of my next career move. I stumbled upon your podcast on Spotify, and it has been a great help in understanding what is happening in the market currently, especially where jobs are concerned. Since I came across it, I have been binge listening to it and enjoying the conversations with leaders in the world of recruitment. I am currently working on updating my LinkedIn profile and look forward to getting more tips from your Podcats." - Podcast Listener, South Africa.


The Job Hunting Podcast

A podcast for well-informed job hunters and career enthusiasts.

  • Interviews with recruiters, head-hunters, and experts.
  • Advice on how to apply for jobs and get promoted.
  • Job market intelligence and up-to-date advice.

"Renata Bernarde produces an awesome #JobHunting podcast, is a skilled coach and expert on job search. It was an honor and delight to speak with her about all things #women and #leadership. Hope you'll take a listen! and subscribe to her newsletter/podcast."

- Susan Colantuono, Leadership Expert, TED Speaker, Founder of Leading Women, and A Career that Soars!

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“Renata is the leading job-hunting expert in this country, quite possibly the world. The 7-week program she designed is outstanding. If you are inclined to do the program, you are in very good hands indeed.”


Geoff Slade, Recruitment Expert and Chairman of Slade Group and TRANSEARCH Australia International.

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