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Are you a seasoned professional at a career crossroads, seeking a job that aligns with your life’s purpose?

Let’s redefine your career path together and turn aspirations into achievements.

Renata Bernarde - Career Coaching, Courses, & Services for Experienced Professionals
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Your Challenges, My Mission: An Open Letter to Job Seekers

I’m Renata Bernarde, a former CEO and senior executive, now dedicated to helping professionals succeed in advancing their careers. I believe that you can have the best career. One that satisfies your financial and personal needs, brings you joy, and adds value to your life.

If you’ve landed here, you might be feeling stuck, uncertain, or simply ready for a change in your professional journey. I know this path well—not just as a career coach but as someone who’s experienced the intricate process of career transition, just like you.

I designed career services that can meet your needs and your budget so you can:

  • Clarify your career aspirations, turning the abstract into actionable goals.
  • Craft your narrative, highlighting your unique experiences and skills, in a way that resonates with the right employers.
  • Develop strategies that enhance your visibility and marketability in a competitive landscape.
  • Bolster your confidence in networking, interviewing, and negotiating, transforming these interactions into opportunities for success.
  • Create a structured job search strategy that is both effective and sustainable, respecting your personal commitments and lifestyle.

So, if you’re a seasoned professional at a career crossroads, seeking to align your next job with your life’s purpose, then let’s redefine your career path together and turn aspirations into achievements. Are you ready? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Warm regards

Renata Bernarde

Your Journey to Success:

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