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Find Your Talents, Learn About Your Strengths, and Watch Your Career Grow

"To Me, Your Success is Personal. You're Not in This Alone."

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“What are my greatest strengths?”

“What is most important to me to succeed in my career?”

If so, you’re not alone, and we have a straightforward and versatile solution for you.

A big challenge for many professionals is knowing how to articulate their stories. Many professionals want to change jobs. But when they start job searching, they struggle to come up with a compelling narrative to discuss their career ambitions with their network, let alone go through job interviews.

As a career coach and job-hunting expert, I aim to get you unstuck, so you can pursue your career goals. So, I have partnered with TalentPredix™ to help you identify your talents, career drivers, and


Learn About Your Strengths, Where and How You Can Best Use Them

TalentPredix™ uses the latest assessment technology and behavioural science to identify your standout strengths and factors that enable you to be at your best. TalentPredix™ emphasizes the unique combination of your talents, career drivers, and values to help you find your own voice in a sea of candidates.


Improve Your Career Decisions and Know Where to Focus Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals

TalentPredix™ helps you think differently about your career plans and future employment opportunities by highlighting which career drivers and personal values are most important to you and where you are most likely to succeed. It also includes an assessment of your performance limiters, including weaker areas and overused talents.


Unlock New Ways of Thinking About Your Strengths to Stay Focused and Motivated

TalentPredix™ is the next-generation talents & strengths assessment system. It will transform the way you job search and engage with recruiters, employers, and colleagues. It will also enable you to improve your talent outcomes and unleash the full potential of your career


Individual Assessment
$ 150 AUD
  • Your Personal Profile: TalentPredix state-of-the-art, 19-page personal profile highlighting your talents, career drivers, and values, as well as providing you with recommendations on how to make the most of your talents and how to manage your potential performance limiters.
  • Your Best Self Snapshot: A 1-page summary of Your Best Self DNA, linking your top 5 Talents, your top 3 Career Drivers, and your top 4 Personal Values
  • A Career Development Workbook: Your pathway to success. This workbook will help you start planning your career and discovering more about where you are now and where you want to go next. You can use this workbook by yourself or use it as a guide to working with an experienced coach or mentor.
Hear From the Experts:

The way we work is changing faster than ever, yet most workplace assessment tools haven’t kept up with the pace. It is the ability to uncover a candidate’s uniqueness that sets TalentPredix™ apart and suits modern-thinking around amplifying individuality and diversity in the workplace. When organizations understand and optimize people’s unique talents, career motivations and values, their results and capacity to transform the success of the organization are significantly multiplied.

-James Brook, Founder and CEO of TalentPredix™

The results you will get from the TalentPredix™ report don’t tend to change much over time. Let’s say your report includes your top 5 talents and highlights your secondary talents – those that are just below your top 5. Some of those secondary talents may pop up over time. But big changes would only occur if you experience a trauma or significant life event. What you might find changing over time are your career drivers: If you are an early career professional, you may find your drivers will change as time goes by.

-Paula Baetu, Chief Science Officer, TalentPredix™

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