Free Tools & Resources

Get instant access to some of my clients' favorite tools to help you start your job search and career planning project

Watch this masterclass: It will give you tools, guidance, and coaching needed to initiate a successful job search, regardless of how much time you have available.

Use these action verbs: Strong action words define your experience, skills, and career accomplishments. Without them, you may not emphasize your strengths well. Keep this list close and accessible.

You need this email template: I created this template to help you when there is no specific job to apply for, but you want to connect with your recruiter or headhunter.

Use this checklist: It includes advice I received and gave over the years, with a reference to a favorite management book for extra help managing tough conversations or exit interviews.

A curated list of ChatGPT prompts offers practical advice for creating resumes, preparing for interviews, optimizing job searches, and focusing on your professional growth.

When you need a new job, what are the important first steps? This guide will lead you to success and explain how and where to start looking.

Full of the best tools to help you present and organize yourself in the best light possible, ensuring your success in the competitive job market.

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