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Job Hunting Made Simple - Program for Corporate Professionals

Transform Your Career Journey and Master the Art of Job-Hunting

The Job-Hunting Made Simple Program offers seasoned professionals an in-depth framework to excel in job applications and craft a career that aligns with their aspirations.

It's Time to Take Control of Your Career

Job hunting and career planning can be exhausting. When you’re doing it on your own, the anxiety and lack of confidence are debilitating. You might have faced constant rejections, felt stuck in your job, or struggled to see a clear path forward. But imagine turning this around and being the one with multiple job offers or deciding between an internal promotion and an exciting new opportunity.

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Career
Imagine Being the One

Imagine Being the One to Say:

“I got two job offers and negotiated a better salary and benefits!”
“I chose an external offer to expand my horizons despite being tapped for an internal promotion.”
“Now, every LinkedIn message I send gets a positive response.”
These aren’t just dreams. They are real success stories from my clients – and you can be next.

That's why I'm excited to introduce you to the Job Hunting Made Simple Program. This program is designed to transform your approach to job hunting and career planning, fast-tracking you toward your career goals with a proven system.

Job-Hunting Made Simple

Job-Hunting Made Simple

Program Details & Benefits:

    • A group coaching community of like-minded professionals.
    • 7 in-depth modules with hour-long, coaching-style videos delivered weekly for 7 weeks
    • Over 14 hours of instructional content, delivered over 7 weeks
    • Detailed instructions on what to do each week, with comprehensive resources, including workbooks, checklists, and templates,  including LinkedIn checklist, resume and cover letter templates
    • A weekly journaling system designed to support experienced professionals in developing their pitch, confidence in applying for roles, and planning their careers
    • Recorded Q&A section with answers to dozens of questions plaguing professionals job hunting in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors.
    • Lifetime access and updates
    • Recommended upgrade: A 7-week group coaching program, with 2 weekly sessions with Renata plus bonus sessions with expert guests 

I'm Your Coach, Renata Bernarde

I am a former CEO and senior executive who is now dedicated to helping professionals succeed in advancing their careers. During my corporate career, I realized that many professionals don’t know how recruitment and selection work, negatively impacting their career progression. So, I decided I wanted to fix that. With my extensive coaching experience and a successful career podcast, I bring knowledge and proven strategies to this program.

In addition to my coaching practice and podcast show, I teach career planning for master’s students at Monash University. I’m also an Honorary Enterprise Fellow at the University of Melbourne and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I’ve been featured in several publications, including LinkedIn News and Yahoo Business. I’m a regular speaker at events organized by professional associations and recruitment firms.

Here is my tip: Now is the right time to take charge of your success. With the Job Hunting Made Simple Program, let’s bring your dream career to life. Enroll now and start your journey toward a fulfilling career.

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Job Hunting Made Simple Price Options

JHMS Prices

Job-Hunting Made Simple

Online Course ONLY
$ 1500 AUD
  • 7 in-depth modules with hour-long, coaching-style videos delivered weekly for 7 weeks
  • You will start receiving the weekly modules on the week starting 12 February 2024, and you can do the course whenever you want
  • Over 14 hours of instructional content
  • Weekly journaling system designed to support your career planning and design
  • Weekly homework sections include downloadable resources, including templates and workbooks
  • Recorded Q&A section
  • Lifetime access and updates
  • BONUS: Reset Your Career
  • BONUS: TalentPredix Strenght Assessment

Job-Hunting Made Simple

Online Course + Group Coaching
$ 2500 AUD
  • Everything listed in the Online Course option
  • 7 weekly, live, then recorded group coaching sessions with Renata
  • 7 weekly, live, then recorded group Q&A and implementation sessions with Renata, so we can work on your plans and job applications together
  • The weekly sessions go from the week starting 12 Feb until the week starting 25 Mar 2024
  • The session times will be at 8 am to 9:30 am Melbourne time, every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss them, you can watch them later.
  • A community environment for the group to network and support each other for 12 weeks
  • BONUS: Guest sessions with recruiters and coaches

Job-Hunting Made Simple

Private Coaching
$ 5000 AUD
  • Everything listed in the other 2 options - you can choose to opt out of the group coaching if you wish
  • Private coaching sessions with Renata every 2 weeks for 3 months
  • Individual LinkedIn, resume, pitch reviews, and interview prep
  • Tailored job applications
  • Tailored support, coach on call for urgent issues and opportunities
  • Very limited capacity for immediate start, so apply quickly if this is your preferred option - first in, best dressed

Enroll today and you'll also get access to these bonuses...

Reset Your Career

Bonus # 1 - Reset Your Career Workshop & Action Plan

Get a head start with this ready-to-listen workshop and action plan. It will be available as soon as you enroll for the Job Hunting Made Simple so that you can begin making progress today.

  • A half-day workshop comprising 5 key masterclasses designed to help you reset your career plans and effectively initiate your job hunting.
  • A 31 Days of Action Plan to help you start building a new positive and successful job-hunting routine. Each action helps build new habits and learn new strategies, one day at a time.
  • A library of resources, templates, and tools that are easy to access and download.

$200 value

Bonus # 2 -TalentPredix™ Strengths Assessment

Learn about your strengths and watch your career grow: TalentPredix™ is the next-generation talents & strengths assessment system. It uses the latest assessment technology and behavioral science to identify your standout strengths and factors that enable you to be at your best. Every participant will receive a personalized TalentPredixTM report with your unique combination of talents, career drivers, and values to help you find your voice in a sea of candidates. 

$100 value


Here’s How the Program Breaks Down

The Job Hunting Made Simple program has 7 Modules designed to give you exactly what you need to start a successful job-hunting campaign and create a great and sustainable career.

Map Your Motivation & Life Goals

Module One

Every successful career is built on a strong foundation. Clarify and create intentional long-term goals for your life and career. Learn how to pursue your goals by managing your energy and well-being:

  • Thinking long term: Develop your personal impact plan.

  • Peak Performance: Understanding what makes you tick.

  • Manage your wellbeing: Managing your expectations and creating step-by-step results.

Understanding Your Strengths & Developing Your Strategy

Module Two

Know and embrace your key strengths. Reconnect with your career and personal achievements. Align them with future career options:

  • Get to know your strengths, talents, career drivers, and personal values, and learn to use them to your advantage.

  • Assess your career strategies and identify the black spots and bottlenecks.

  • Organize your personal career archive: Curate your stories, achievements, and feedback you can use to wow your audience.

Put Your Plan Into Action

Module Three

Design and develop your personal plan and learn how to tell your professional story. Become a social leader, using all the arsenal within your reach to amplify and reinforce your message. Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn and other platforms for professional purposes and to grow your executive presence:

  • Develop your personal story and pitch of where you want to go next.

  • Leverage from LinkedIn and other platforms to reinforce your professionalism.

  • Become a social leader, learning to use social media to your advantage, adopting a style and presence that suits your needs.

Understand Recruitment & Selection

Module Four

Understand the inner works of recruitment and selection. Create master documents and templates to simplify your job search and networking:

  • Understand the selection process, how to read between the lines, and navigate the job market

  • Learn to develop a winning job application by developing essential market research techniques before sending your application

  • Create your master templates: Resume, Cover Letter, etc.. to make applying for that special job at the last minute a breeze.

Job Applications & Networking

Module Five

Understand the importance of applying for jobs and networking at the same time.  Learn to write great introduction emails and messages, and get to know recruiters and hiring managers. Network effortlessly and gracefully. Create and develop your personal style and narrative:

  • Introductions do’s and don’t’s: what to do and not do when connecting with recruiters, employers, referees, and mentors

  • Networking strategies to approach people you don’t know.

  • Being comfortable with your pitch and be crystal clear in communicating your value to the organization.

Nail Job Interviews

Module Six

Learn strategies to enable you to stay ready to be contacted and interviewed at any time. Understand the importance of “interview day” planning and learn techniques to boost your performance under pressure:

  • Understand the importance of being on call and ready to be contacted.

  • Discover how the previous modules have already prepared you to be ready to be interviewed.

  • Interview day planning, techniques, and practice sessions.

Boosting Your Resilience & Confidence

Module seven

Understanding and acknowledging that job hunting is a competitive experience and requires resilience building.

  • Learn to use your experience to understand patterns and find your feedback for improvement and tweaking:

  • Find outlets for your talents to shine during your job search.

  • Techniques to feel positive and confident under stress.

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