The Combo Package

You don’t want to compromise when your career is at stake! This combo package will set you on the right path to success. It includes all career services provided by career coach and job hunting expert, Renata Bernarde, for AU$1,000 (approx. US$677). You’ll save over AU$130 by purchasing everything as a package! You get the 31 Days of Action, Find My Talents, Reset Your Career, LinkedIn Audit, and Consultation.

Included in The Combo Package: 31 Days of Action

How it Works

    • Daily Actions: Receive one actionable task each day via email and our teaching platform.
    • Step-by-Step Guidance: Each action comes with detailed instructions, tips, and examples.
    • Track Your Progress: Monitor your progress and see the tangible improvements in your career skills and network.

Why Choose 31 Days of Action?

    • Boost Your Career: Enhance your skills and expand your professional network.
    • Build Your Reputation: Establish a strong personal brand and professional presence.
    • Job Search Confidence: Learn effective strategies to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Included in The Combo Package: Find Your Talents

Learn About Your Strengths, and Watch Your Career Grow

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“What are my greatest strengths?”

“What is most important to me to succeed in my career?”

If so, you’re not alone, and we have a straightforward and versatile solution for you.

A big challenge for many professionals is knowing how to articulate their stories. Many professionals want to change jobs. But when they start job searching, they struggle to come up with a compelling narrative to discuss their career ambitions with their network, let alone go through job interviews.

As a career coach and job-hunting expert, I aim to get you unstuck, so you can pursue your career goals. So, I have partnered with TalentPredix™ to help you identify your talents, career drivers, and

What is Included?

    • Your Personal Profile: TalentPredix state-of-the-art, 19-page personal profile highlighting your talents, career drivers, and values, as well as providing you with recommendations on how to make the most of your talents and how to manage your potential performance limiters.
    • Your Best Self Snapshot: A 1-page summary of Your Best Self DNA, linking your top 5 Talents, your top 3 Career Drivers, and your top 4 Personal Values
    • A Career Development Workbook: Your pathway to success. This workbook will help you start planning your career and discovering more about where you are now and where you want to go next. You can use this workbook by yourself or use it as a guide to working with an experienced coach or mentor.

Included in The Combo Package: Reset Your Career

Why Choose Reset Your Career?

    • Quick Results: Designed to deliver impactful insights and tools that can be actioned over a weekend or a few days.
    • Flexible and Focused Learning: Enjoy a course structure that fits into your busy schedule, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 
    • Immediate Application: Practical tips and strategies you can implement right away.
    • Expert Advice: Benefit from the insights of an experienced career coach who has helped numerous professionals succeed in their job search and achieve their career aspirations.

What's Included:

    • Workshops That are Equivalent to Career Coaching Sessions with Renata: The content targets the most critical aspects of job searching that recruiters believe you may be neglecting. The lessons are unique, and you will not find something like this for free on YouTube. They are designed specifically for professionals with over ten years of experience in the corporate, nonprofit, or government sectors who need a quick yet targeted update on progressing their careers. Doing this workshop will help you build your resume, prepare for interviews, and network with confidence.
    • Templates to Make Your Life Easier: Access to resume and cover templates and LinkedIn Profile checklist to support your job search. The resume and cover letter templates are ATS compliant. This means they have a higher chance of performing well when you apply for a job online and still look good when you attach them to an email!

Included in The Combo Package: LinkedIn Audit

What to Expect from Your LinkedIn Audit:

    • The LinkedIn audit includes a detailed video recording (45-60-mins long), where I go through your LinkedIn profile top to bottom, giving you tips and advice along the way
    • You will receive the video link by email and a written report with my key recommendations to improve your profile
    • If you actively post or comment, I will review your activity and make recommendations to align with your profile and career goals. If you are not yet posting and commenting, I will advise you on topics, formats, and ideas that you can consider if you are interested in being more active on LinkedIn
    • With a list of recommendations, tips, and ideas, you will feel more confident and less stressed about using LinkedIn, more motivated, and more excited about the next steps you need to take to achieve your career goals

Why You Need a LinkedIn Audit?

    • Get your profile expertly reviewed
    • Find areas for improvements
    • Identify what is not working
    • Gain the confidence to start posting
    • Get more views and messages from recruiters

Included in The Combo Package: Consultation

What to Expect from Your Consultation:

    • Sixty minutes, private 1-1 session on Zoom.
    • I will ask you questions to review and investigate where you are in your career, what your aspirations are and provide you with my tips, education, and advice on your career goals, progression, and next steps.
    • You can book a session to review an important job application, prepare for a job interview, help with your exit or salary negotiation, and much more. You will be prompted to provide me with background information about your situation before our session so that I can review your case and we can make the most of our time together.
    • You will be able to share with me any critical issues that are keeping you awake at night, and we can workshop solutions and scenarios together.
    • You can request that the session be recorded so you can review it later. We can share screens and review documents, such as resumes and cover letters.
    • You will feel less stressed, more motivated, and more excited about the next steps you need to take to achieve your career goals.

We Can Achieve a Lot During a Consultation!

    • Interview Preparation: Practice your answers, learn special tricks, get feedback and expert advice to maximize your chances of success.
    • Get Feedback: Talk to a career expert before making a career-changing decision, like resigning or accepting a job offer.
    • Brainstorm: Let’s discuss your career stresses, job hunting blocks and set realistic goals for your career advancement. 
    • Review Your Resume: Review your resume, cover letter, and job application before applying for that excellent job you want so much!

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