Transcript #123 A week in my life: What it’s like to be a career coach.

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[00:00:00] Renata: hi, I’m Renate Bernarde. This is the job hunting podcast, where I interview experts and professionals and discuss important issues for job hunters and those who are working to advance their careers. So make sure that you subscribe and follow and let's dive right in. 

Hello, everyone. And welcome to Episode 123 of the job hunting podcast.

[00:00:33] Renata: My name is Renata. I'm your host, and I am also a career coach. I'm the founder of the Pantala academy. I have my website, Renata, where you can go, to find out more about my career services. And I have free resources for you. Not only a whole library of episodes from the job hunting podcast for you to peruse and find more information about whatever topics.

[00:00:59] Renata: Or [00:01:00] on the blog, you can search for specific topics like job interviews or job loss, or I don't know, leadership. So go to my website, Renata, and learn more about my services and my free resources for you. There's a link to it in the show notes below, and today, I have a very capable—chit chat episode for you.

[00:01:21] Renata: I hope you can hear the background sounds. There are birds. Singing could be people making noise outside my door. Sometimes you can listen to a plane flying, and I want you to be here with me. It's Saturday morning and Melbourne. And the plan is to go through my week, you know, and, um, share with you what I've done day by day.

[00:01:42] Renata: Learning about people's routines and what they do and how they spread their energy throughout the week and the day. And, you know, learning from them is something that has helped me. And I hope that this kind of is interesting to you. I have no idea. Nobody has ever asked me to do this, but [00:02:00] people ask me a lot from time to time in my personal life, you know, how do you do it?

[00:02:04] Renata: You know, it seems like you do so much. I don't feel like I do much. I feel like I'm very organized. So I have always known that I am probably more organized than most people, having said that parts of my life are chaotic. Like everyone else's life. So there's no perfection here, but I like to plan and I like to automate many things.

[00:02:25] Renata: I would love to delegate more, and I do. Three people who work with me now to enable me to do what I love to do, coaching and coaching for job search. That's what I love to do. So I'll go through the week that I've had with you and share the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, and, um, hope that you can, um, yeah.

[00:02:45] Renata: Get something from this. On Sunday, Sunday was a lovely day. It was my first day back home from Andre and I did to Queensland. We went to the gold coast, and we stayed there for a week. It [00:03:00] was a hybrid, a hybrid trip. So we had a lot of fun and we. But I also took work with me. And that was the first time since COVID started that I was able to test how it would be to do some work away from my office.

[00:03:14] Renata: And it went well. I must say we had great internet. Um, everybody was very okay with it. You know, I had sessions with clients, and I had some work that I had to do, and I did. At the dinner table, these are friends that hosted us, and they know me very well, and they were okay with me just having to do a bit of work and on and off, they were asking, you know, what are you doing?

[00:03:38] Renata: And some of it, of course, I can share a lot of it. I can't; the work that I do is very much private and in confidence with my clients. So it was nice that I couldn't go to my bedroom and. Work from there as well. This is important for me because the reason why I've anticipated my plans to become a career coach and work from home and have my flexibility and autonomy is that I have [00:04:00] family overseas. I am planning very soon to visit time or have people in Miami that I want to visit ASAP and people in Brazil that not only I want to visit ASAP, but I want to stay there for, for quite some time.

[00:04:13] Renata: That's my mom and dad and my sister, and I haven't seen them for a long time. I'm sure that many of you listening can relate to this. A lot of us have now, um, sort of global lives and global families. And it’s really hard to be away from them during this pandemic. So Sunday, I came back to Melbourne on Saturday night, and Sunday was a day to reset.

[00:04:33] Renata: Plants inside and out. I was delighted that both my kids came to one of my plants while I was away because I had just invested in some new plants and a new tree outside my door. And I didn't want them to die. And Melbourne in summer is hot and dry. So it was lovely that they came. But yeah, we had to do that, do all the washing and then.

[00:04:56] Renata: I got onto work. You know, we went out for breakfast there, and I [00:05:00] love having brunch, not just on weekends. I just made. Sometimes they go out during the week as well. We love going out for breakfast or a branch. We start the day. Well, when I do that, we went to a new place, which was not so good. To be honest, we didn't enjoy it.

[00:05:15] Renata: We're not going to go. But it's, you know, it's an adventure at a time. You go out and try to find a place where we have excellent breakfast and he loves eggs Benedict, and I'll have something else because I think eggs Benedict is a bit too, too fatty for me. And then I did a solid six to seven hours of work, honestly, and that was because.

[00:05:36] Renata: This week was the week that the group coaching was going to start, and I have 22 people registered, and I want to make sure that everything online, the online platform was, was ready for them. So I had to move all of the previous students of the prior group coaching from last year out of the online teaching platform and into my alumni [00:06:00] platform, they'll say they still have access to the content that I teach, but they are not in a group.

[00:06:06] Renata: Platform where there is interaction and sharing of information. So I have moved quite a few to the alumni platform, and some choose to do the course again. And that's something that I have allowed my students to do if they want to. And they may have, you know, a new job, but they still want to make sure that they are up to date with, um, my teaching, or they may want to redo it because they've kind of feel like they've missed out on doing it last time because life got in the way.

[00:06:34] Renata: There could be a reason, but most of them, I moved to the alumni platform and did that on Sunday. And so it's meticulous work. It's very technical. It's something that I enjoy doing, but I have to flowchart everything. So I don't do anything wrong. With the the platform that I have if you're interested to know it's called Kajabi.

[00:06:57] Renata: It's where many people like me [00:07:00] teach online. And if you're interested one day in having a platform of your own, getting in touch with me, I'm would be delighted to support you in that. And I have helped a lot of other coaches, and even doctors and friends of mine can teach anything. You can teach. Yoga can teach whatever.

[00:07:15] Renata: On Kajabi and it's, it's a tremendous robust platform to do that. And so I was exhausted after that very sort of meticulous technical work that I had to do. And after that and that, I had dinner watching a lovely movie Sunday night movie. Uh, important. And I try always to watch something positive and light and inspirational.

[00:07:37] Renata: And we watched the tender George Clooney directed it. Ben Affleck is the star together with this lovely boy. And it's a true story, and it's inspirational, motivational, lovely. You go to sleep, and you're happy. And I think that that's important for job searches out there, uh, to make sure that you choose the right books to read.[00:08:00] 

[00:08:00] Renata: Movies to watch during a time where other stresses may be affecting your well-being and your mindset. And I think people often underestimate the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, positive people, and choosing where to focus your attention to make sure that you're in the right mindset for the week.

[00:08:19] Renata: So that was Sunday on Monday; we had a hectic day. The first day back from holidays, as you know, is often chaotic. Try to reset as well. I wanted to make sure that I was doing all the things that I had been neglecting before leaving. So I started with meditation, which I try to do every morning.

[00:08:42] Renata: Then I did my exercise routine. It's a strengthening routine. It was provided by me by a sports physician that I try to do at least three times a week. I had my breakfast and then I 9:00 AM. I had my first client section session. Now I often don't have sessions on Mondays. [00:09:00] I tried to leave that as planning day and podcast day, but it had to be done.

[00:09:05] Renata: And I'm always available for my private clients on call if they need me. So I had a 9:00 AM session with a client, and I used the first half of the day after that session to do the essential urgent calls and followups that I could see in my email inbox. And you know what I mean? You have to. Be thorough and make sure that you're not missing anything urgent.

[00:09:27] Renata: So, uh, clients who had some family issues, I wanted to make sure she arrived. So I caught up with a few clients who had interviews this week to make sure that they were ready, and if they needed my help, they could touch base, which they did. And for myself, you know, I, I wanted to see a doctor, a specialist.

[00:09:45] Renata: I had a referral to see a specialist. I think booking makes sure carving out the time for the important things and yourself, first thing in the morning, or first thing in a week, is really important. So by 11, I hadn't done all of the urgent and vital [00:10:00] stuff for me and my clients. And I had an important meeting booked for quite some time with a team for a future project that I'll be doing that I can't talk about right now, but it's fascinating.

[00:10:12] Renata: And I'm excited. Yeah. So that was at 11, and it was an important thing. I, I, you know, was very enthusiastic about it. I am very excited about this project, and it will mean a lot to my business to be involved in this opportunity. In the afternoon, then I had to go through them, the whole bunch of emails and social media comments and and messages that I received that I hadn't checked during my time away.

[00:10:38] Renata: And that. I took all of my afternoons after I had lunch. And I also had a, um, a telehealth appointment. If you're not in Australia, you know, you may also have these sort of zoom doctor appointments with my specialist and just a follow-up, nothing, nothing major, and the podcast. So the podcast, the blog, and [00:11:00] the newsletter are all done online.

[00:11:02] Renata: There was a time when I thought I could batch those things. But with the pandemic, I've learned the hard way that I cannot write a newsletter to you a month before it makes no sense to me. It needs to be up to date. It needs to be relevant to the week we're going through. And the world is in such a state of complexity and uncertainty that I prefer to write it than the night before, or even the morning of if I can, if things are very much in of.

[00:11:31] Renata: I am fortunate that I have a podcast editor Cianna. If you're listening. Thank you. You make me sound so good. You make all my guests feel comfortable once you've edited the podcast. And I also have an excellent VA Camille, and she reviews Cianna's work and drafts the first newsletter to go out just the template for me to write it.

[00:11:51] Renata: And that makes it possible for me to have such a full day and then get things done at the end of the day. Only by reviewing the work that they have already done. Yeah. [00:12:00] Beautiful., for me, it helps. And they went to yoga at 6:00 PM. It was my first time doing yoga in many, many years. I, I love yoga.

[00:12:09] Renata: I've been doing yoga all my life. My mom was a yogini. She has taught me yoga and has been doing yoga since it was trending. And I'm not good at yoga, but I just love doing it. And my husband bought a yoga membership at a new, um, unique place that opened near us. And that was. Birthday present from January.

[00:12:29] Renata: And I’m very sore still it's Saturday, and I'm still mad because I'm so out of shape, but it was lovely to attend. And I felt so, so good for doing it on Tuesday. We had at 8:00 AM, the first. Group coaching sessions. So as I said, 22 people have joined meant I had to wake up early at six 30.

[00:12:53] Renata: You know, I did not skip my meditation, but I did skip my exercise that day to make sure that I [00:13:00] was comfortable with the setup on zoom, that the reminder emails had gone out. Okay. We automate all of those things. And the session ran well, you know, last time I ran the session, I forgot to record it. It was bad.

[00:13:15] Renata: So once I did it, it finished at nine 30 Andrei asked, did you record it this time? I like, yes, it was the F, you know, I made sure it had been recorded. And then I had breakfast here at home and started working on it. She hasn’t gone through the group coaching phase, teaching Camille who has recently started working for me.

[00:13:35] Renata: So, teaching her how to edit the video. We had a call in the afternoon to discuss all the week’s priorities and, you know, we're reviewing the, um, business to the business website. I have, a website for that needs to be. It was transferred from WordPress to Squarespace. And you don't need to know that level of detail, but it's a little bit of work that goes into [00:14:00] it.

[00:14:00] Renata: And Camille will be in charge of that. Something amusing happened on Tuesday. I am trademarking my, my names, the things for mine. And I thought I was very late in replying to the trademark lawyer with many questions that she asked me. And the deadline was the 23rd, the deadline for submission answering some questions that, you know, whatever the department is has asked was the 23rd of February.

[00:14:26] Renata: So I felt so bad, you know? Sending you this the day before, I hope there's enough time and just said, no, it's the 23rd of February, 2023. So we have a year to reply, and I'm like, oh, thank goodness. But now at least you have everything. And it was a lot of information and it took me an hour and a half to call each everything in center.

[00:14:47] Renata: I, I wish I could have delegated it, but it had to be me. So I did that. And. Then in the evening, I had a client session because she was presenting to an interview panel the next day. And we [00:15:00] did that presentation and I provided her with feedback and that was very important. And I also had another meeting in the evening with the UK, with another project and another, a new part of my business that I will be announcing soon.

[00:15:14] Renata: And that was a very full. Meeting as well. We, we thought about everything to do with marketing and announcing it and press releases and, you know, finalizing the contract and all of that. So it was a very, very long day, started at 6:30 AM. And I think it finished. I finished my last call at night. It was nine 30, but I had.

[00:15:35] Renata: Times in between when I, what are my plans? I took a nap, I think after lunch, just relax and close my eyes a little bit, because I knew it was going to be a long day. So you have to find those times to make sure that you keep your energy up. You can't have a, a meeting with an important partner globally late at night and not be, you know, with your brain and your [00:16:00] mindset ready for that meeting.

[00:16:01] Renata: You have. Rested and ready to be as positive and, and thinking very clearly because it's, it's very important and you can't make any mistakes when signing up on an agreement like that. So I went to bed, did not put my alarm for an early morning, wake up on the next day on Wednesday. I didn't have anything early in the morning, so I try to sleep in, but I can never do that during the week.

[00:16:26] Renata: It's really funny how my body clock wakes me up at six 30, regardless of what I tried to. And I went for a walk that day and I did my walk, talking to my mum, found out my mom had COVID. So, you know, a year ago I would have been so worried about my mom catching COVID, but now she's triple Vaxxed and she was feeling fine.

[00:16:48] Renata: She, she was having a few symptoms, but they were like a mild cold. She's a very healthy mum and dad eat really well and exercise and have a very good lifestyle. So I [00:17:00] was, you know, I felt good about that and I didn't worry so much. I can go visit them now. So think if things get worse at any point in time, the Australian borders and our open day had been closed for a long time.

[00:17:12] Renata: And in fact, there were very little flights that one could book to get out of Australia. It was quite bizarre and surreal, but since end of last year, Started to change. In fact, if mum and dad want to come and visit me, I believe they can now as well. Not that they will, I want to visit them, but it has been quite a surreal time here in Australia.

[00:17:31] Renata: We've taken the pandemic and lockdowns really, really seriously. So after my. I had, I put up a lot of effort in social media on Wednesday. I do a little bit every day, but Wednesday is my favorite day for social media. And if you have already downloaded my optimized jobs, that's scheduled, you will see that I recommend LinkedIn on Wednesday mornings.

[00:17:54] Renata: And if I'm writing an article or doing anything, I try to do that on Wednesdays. And I do [00:18:00] that for all. My social media channels. I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook group, of course, a group for this podcast, a private group of job seekers and, and people that are interested in their careers. And it's a safe environment.

[00:18:14] Renata: So if you are not a member of that group, I suggest that you you'll become. And, uh, if you haven't downloaded the optimized jobs that it's scheduled, then you can go to my website and do that. So I try to focus on that on Wednesday morning. It's just half an hour for me. We, I'm not physically on social media every day.

[00:18:30] Renata: I have a platform called HootSweet that, um, allows me to schedule all my posts. So I write them with Camille's help. Camille is excellent at writing posts and I review her posts and, and, um, we, we send them out together. She duplicates for all of them. Platforms that we use on HootSweet and on Hootsuite, I can see likes and comments and I can comment from Hootsuite as well.

[00:18:54] Renata: So sometimes people think that I am on individual platforms, but I really don't have time to [00:19:00] go to individual platforms anymore. I do that now sometimes because I want to support my partners. You know, my collaborators, people like Michelle Redfern or difficult, or, you know, Mac preacher had from, from the drain job podcast.

[00:19:14] Renata: The guests that come to my podcast, I want to collaborate with them. People are Kasey Goodman, and also all the head hunters and recruiters that many times stag me to jump that they are advertising on use about their businesses. Uh, this lead group Jeff's laid and he to Zimmerman. I always like to, when, on Wednesdays, Good look through everybody and support them, but my own personal posts and my business posts site, I can do them all hoot suite.

[00:19:41] Renata: So that's fantastic. I also worked on some documents from clients on Wednesday morning, so I helped the private clients that was updating her LinkedIn. I have another client who had reviewed their resume and wanted my views. I had a couple of clients that were going for interviews. This week and [00:20:00] next.

[00:20:00] Renata: And they wanted my, my opinion. And I also had a client that had decided to resign from her job. This is an executive coaching client. So she was like, okay, I finally decided to resign. So can I, can I ask you your, your opinion? And many times I will call them because I'd prefer to just own the phone, discuss everything that they are curious to know my opinion about or brainstorm ideas, have somebody that they trust to discuss things before making a big.

[00:20:26] Renata: But many times I will also record videos of me looking at people's LinkedIn and showing them where I think their resume can be improved. And that tends to be a very effective, very effective use of our times because my clients are often busy then sometimes working or sometimes be busy with kids. So calling them.

[00:20:45] Renata: You know, during the day may not be a good idea. So I did that on Wednesday morning. I also had first meeting within your client was a short meeting. It was just, you know, it's a very senior client, um, and they wanted to be guided [00:21:00] through. The platform and what the next steps are. And I helped him decide on, on what the best routine would be for us to engage with the next six months.

[00:21:09] Renata: So he engaged me for six month private coaching as he steps down from his current role and in, you know, decides on what to do next. Lovely. And it's so nice. You know, some people think that I will engage every client that knocks on my door and that's not true. Sometimes I can feel it's not going to be a good partnership for one reason or another.

[00:21:29] Renata: I may not be the right coach, uh, for what they're trying to do, and I will refer them to somebody else. Sometimes I don't feel that the trust is there. And in this case, uh, I, I have a feeling, it will be a wonderful experience for both of us Pandora. You have a great, great report. And it's the second time I talked to him and I really like how the conversation goes.

[00:21:51] Renata: So it will be fun for us. I then had a consultation with a former client. So this was a client with whom I worked, I believe for three months. Can't remember [00:22:00] exactly if it was three or six months and she was overseas and she got a job and. Very happy where she is. And she was asking for my opinion about a specific issue she's facing at work and she booked the consultation.

[00:22:13] Renata: So you can do that on my website. You just book a time with me. It's like booking. It's like when you book a doctor, you book a time, you'll find a time you pay, man. We had a one hour consultation and. You know, I knew what the problem was. You had emailed me and I sent her some homework to do before the consultation.

[00:22:28] Renata: And then by the time she reached me, it was really great because we can then work on just finessing even more and making sure that it's the best, most effective use of her time investment and our time together. So that was great. Really enjoyed that conversation then. Carved out time this week to attend a VIP Teo piety online.

[00:22:52] Renata: It was my first time on a cocktail party via zoom. I must admit it's a conference for business entrepreneurs like [00:23:00] myself organized by my own business coach, Steph Taylor and I attended that looms was a mastermind and a cocktail party. Um, I was getting to know each other and Steph being her wonderful, that wonderful coach, that she is sharing a lot of great ideas for my business during that two and a half hour time based on her teachings and the way that she explained things to me, I was able to create five new episodes for the job hunting by the cast, which I've already scheduled.

[00:23:28] Renata: So that was a really good use of my time. And after that, uh, in the evening I had a 30 minute prospect calls or prospect calls is when you go to my website, do you think, oh, I really want to be a private client and work with Renata on a retainer for some time too, to help so that I can get help from her, uh, for my.

[00:23:47] Renata: And you can book a free 20 to 30 minute chat with me to figure out if I'm really the best coach for you. And I will give you some, some tips as well on how we can move forward and then what the next steps are and [00:24:00] what the investment would be. And I'm sorry. Conversation after my cocktail party, you will be happy to know it was a cocktail party, but I did not drink.

[00:24:08] Renata: So that was, that was the end of my day. It finished at 7:00 PM and the day, and I had dinner in front of the TV. Uh can't remember what we saw. I think we were seeing race. We've spent most of this week watching race on Netflix. It's an amazing documentary. So inspirational. I even wrote a post today on Hootsuite.

[00:24:31] Renata: It's coming up at the end of the. About all the learnings from that? Not only of course, Bubba Wallace is an MD African-American car driver. The only one driving at the, in the Motorsport at the moment and only the fourth so far for that type of race. And, um, he took a step up. From his role as car, car driver to an activist during the black lives matter period.

[00:24:55] Renata: And, and he's been an amazing ambassador since then, [00:25:00] but it's so inspirational and he learn so much. And I think for job hunters and job seekers and anybody struggling with confidence and courage and purpose, it's a great series to watch on Netflix. I think it's five or six episodes. Totally worth it.

[00:25:13] Renata: Yeah. Monday, sorry, Thursday morning, we had, I was presenting as a panelist on that conference that I attended the VIP cocktail part of the day, the night before. And I was a speaker. So I, I prepared my, my notes and I attended the entire morning. I wouldn't say it's unprofessional, but very nice when you're a speaker at a conference and you only show up.

[00:25:37] Renata: Sort of spot that you were speaking at really like to, to support the organizers and to be of value to the attendees. It was a zoom conference. So I, I hope every time that I attend that through the checkbox, I can add value and be funny and be professional and be there for, you know, sharing that. My advice or tips and ideas for [00:26:00] other business and entrepreneurs trying to do their businesses online.

[00:26:04] Renata: Like I am. So I attended the entire day and I must say I really learned a lot from the previous guests, the previous speakers that were there and was really delighted and honored to be invited to speak. So it's a really different. Type of engagement for me, usually I am invited to speak about job hunting, as you know, so many of the meat you have found me because I was a guest on someone else's podcast about job hunting, or I spoken on event about job searching and LinkedIn tactics for as active and so on.

[00:26:34] Renata: It's very rare that somebody asks me about my own business. So it was really interesting to share that after that I was tired because every time you present, you get really exhausted mentally from it. And I. I had my lunch and rested a bit because the rest of that day and Friday, that's my, usually my busiest time with clients.

[00:26:55] Renata: So I had a session with a client at two 15, and then I [00:27:00] had a lot of sessions all often. Um, and then at 6:00 PM, I had the second session with the group coaching and that's a Q and a and implementation. Session. So they can send me questions throughout the week, or they can ask me questions during our time together on zoom.

[00:27:15] Renata: And it was a really lovely session. I really enjoyed it. The questions were great. Mom, everybody can have a go at answering them as well. It's not just me. I often ask the participants, how would you do it? You know, what would you have? What have you done in the past? You know, is anyone else experiencing this issue?

[00:27:32] Renata: And it's really more chit chatty session for the group coaching. Then the Tuesday. The Tuesday morning. One is really me delivering on content and methodologies for job hunting and the Q and a is, is really more about the group interaction and everybody learning together. So I finished my day at seven 30.

[00:27:52] Renata: You can see, my days are really long and I love it. So it's not a problem for me on Friday. I, [00:28:00] I did my meditation. Bit of exercising as well. Usually I do polite is on Thursdays, but because I was speaking at that conference, I had to counsel. So my week in terms of exercises as not, I was not as, as good as I, I hoped I had my first client meeting at eight 50 and then I had a lot of client meetings all day and also sprinkled in the.

[00:28:26] Renata: There I had a doctor's appointment with my dietician and my natural path. It was all kind of very, very busy week medically for me. And it was all just a coincidence. These were, you know, appointments were all follow-ups from many months or weeks ago. And. I had my final client at, from three to four. And after that I do a lot of finance work.

[00:28:50] Renata: So, you know, paying the bills and paying my salary, which I do fortnightly paying everybody else's, uh, consulting fees. Cause I have, like I said, [00:29:00] three people that support. And I was exhausted. So I wonder, and I went to a bar and I had drink and we had some toppers and I decided not to do any more work.

[00:29:12] Renata: You would think, oh, it's Friday. You know, why would you work more? And then I try to do as much as I can, so I have weekends free. But, um, when you have a, a week after a holiday, Well semi holiday. Like I have, sometimes it's not possible to do that. So this morning after I record this podcast, just really not a lot of work.

[00:29:31] Renata: Is it just me chatting to you? I will try to record at least one more episode 4 1, 2 5. And I have a lot of notes that I need to update on my, my system. So all the client meetings that I have that I have had during this week, those notes, uh, I need to record them for. My own sort of management of those clients.

[00:29:53] Renata: I need to remember where they each are and in their journey towards their next jobs or the next [00:30:00] goals, their next career goals. I have some email up emails that I need to send to clients, or sometimes I refer them to books or to articles or remind them of, you know, special things that we need to work together before we catch up again for the next session.

[00:30:14] Renata: So to do that, it's, it's really fun for me. I put some lovely music on some lovely focus music from Headspace or background music that I love listening to. And I just do all of that. And I also need to do some catch up with. 'cause a lot of the things that we were hoping to do this week didn't happen.

[00:30:36] Renata: Her computer crashed and Andre, and I sort of brainstorming ideas on how we can help Camille with some of the tasks that are too too difficult for her laptop to, to do. And my, my business has a lot of video editing that needs to be done uploading of videos. Our platform and so on. So we're going to discuss that.

[00:30:58] Renata: And my son is coming here [00:31:00] tomorrow. He's been helping me manage my business to business website, Ben dot a U. And we aren't going to work together to transition that from WordPress to Squarespace. So yet some of the work has built into the weekend. What can I do? It doesn't happen that often.

[00:31:15] Renata: I am very precious about protecting my weekends, but this weekend will be a working weekend and that's fine too. I had a wonderful time in Queensland and I don't mind that happening. I'm really looking forward for. Oh, Sunday is my wedding anniversary. I'm looking at my calendar and I just realized 29 years together.

[00:31:35] Renata: Ooh, we need to do something. What will we do? I don't know. My husband is cooking. Uh, he's doing a cooking lesson on via zoom on Sunday morning and he's cooking a beautiful meal. He's in fact now out doing supermarket shopping to do that, um, cooking. And well, maybe that's what we'll do to celebrate 29 years of, of being together.

[00:31:56] Renata: There'll be fantastic. Next week is going to be really [00:32:00] exciting. I have a few things that I'm doing that very excited about. One of them is I've engaged a PR consultant to help me. Relaunch my business to business arm of, you know, Batalla so that is, you know, outplacement and helping businesses. One day wants to support the people that are leaving.

[00:32:21] Renata: And I have already been working with businesses, doing that through Renata and I just want to do it. A proper website that's designed for them. I feel like run out of And the work that I do is talking directly to the job hunters and not to companies. And that's what we're going to do next week with this PR woman.

[00:32:42] Renata: Amazing. Um, Michelle, who's going to be held. And I've also engaged somebody, a wonderful woman called mail to support me in creating better copies that, um, really interesting to read when people sign up for, um, resources like the optimized job. So it's schedule so [00:33:00] that the emails that you get from a really exciting for you to read, and she's going to review what I've been doing and giving me.

[00:33:06] Renata: Great ideas on what to do next. Then look, you know, that's how I do all the things that I do. I love delegating and hiring people and reinvesting the money into things that I know will make my business better and better each day. If you have any ideas for me, that can help me make my business and my podcast and the services that I provide to job seekers better and better each day, please never hesitate to get in touch, sign up for my news.

[00:33:35] Renata: Reply to any of the loose news that is that I sent you with your notes and ideas and your comments. I read everything and I love getting feedback. Most of the feedback I get is really great. So constructive feedback is also welcomed, never shy away from. Please telling me what you think is missing out from the services that I provide, because that's how I learn.

[00:33:58] Renata: And that's how I can [00:34:00] serve you and others. Like you, thank you so much for listening to this chit chat, as you can see, you know, it was very casual. I left the door open. I want you to feel like you were here with me on a Saturday morning. It's a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne and I'm about to go and get changed because my, my son's fiance is coming here and we're going to the.

[00:34:22] Renata: Yes, we are going to the beach. We're going to swim. And then where the two of us are going to have dinner together. Oh, that will be a lovely thing to do today. And the very girly thing to do as well. I have a husband and two, two boys, and it's lovely to have a girl in the family too, to do some girly things with me from time to time.

[00:34:41] Renata: Thank you for listening and I will see you back next time with a more structured episode. I promise bye for now.




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