90. The changing role of sales: Purpose, burnout, building partnerships, and the post-pandemic environment - with Peta Sitcheff

I believe that two of the most transferable skills are management and sales. Still, professionals turn their noses to both. Management has been superseded by leadership. However, it’s so much easier to explain management experience than leadership style or outcomes. As for sales, so many corporate professionals opt out of sales jobs, not understanding that, as business growth professionals, sales executives are a much needed and indispensable group than their counterparts in business support functions. 

Peta Sitcheff started her career selling Viagra, moved on to medical devices. Working in ICUs, burns units, operating rooms helped her become an expert in working in extraordinarily stressful environments and building important partnerships.  She is now a consultant helping sales professionals and businesses transform their sales proposition to enable successful commercial growth and trusting client relationships. 

Peta wrote a book to share her experience with burnout. Her book is a fantastic read, which I recommend if you enjoy inspirational personal stories and like to learn: at the end of each chapter, there's a list of great books and articles you can read to learn more about the topic she just tackled.

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Podcast Episode Timestamps:

  • 08:23 - Peta starts selling Viagra
  • 16:44 - Can Peta transfer her skills: Renata brainstorms other industries for Peta
  • 19:08 - Peta never uses the word sales. Peta is in partnership and commercial growth.
  • 24:29 - When salespeople help professionals learn and innovate
  • 27:19 - When salespeople need to rethink their purpose: The short term purpose of sales KPIs
  • 28:34 - When sales pay so well, it’s hard to leave: Peta burns out
  • 40:10 - Sales professionals impacted by the pandemic
  • 45:13 - Sales = Commercial Growth
  • 47:42 - Strengths: Be careful what you’re good at

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About our guest, Peta Sitcheff:

Today, Peta inspires teams & grows business. As a consultant, she chooses to work with clients who would benefit most from her Sales leadership, supporting organizations to discover opportunities in unchartered waters & sales professionals to be courageous. You can connect with Peta on her Instagram or LinkedIn.



Use the code MESSY to buy Peta's book My Beautiful Mess on her website to get free shipping.

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