79. From corporate job to business owner: 10 tips on how to make the transition.

10 tips on transitioning from a corporate job to being a business owner

I don't claim to be a small business consultant. I love career planning and coaching corporate professionals. However...from time to time, during the coaching process, a client will eventually decide they actually want out! When that happens, I share my knowledge of how I transitioned from a corporate employee to a business owner since I have personal experience of starting a business twice. I learned a lot along the way.

This is most definitely a one-off episode. So if you are curious about what I've done to grow my business, how I do it now, how it's actually going, the tools I use, etc.. then listen to this episode because I don't plan to talk about this anymore for a long time!

And this is the truth: I have a handful of clients at the moment who I'm sure have signed up with me because of how I managed to grow my expertise and start my business the way I did. They are doing a very similar transition (i.e., holding on to their corporate jobs until they are ready to fly solo!) in completely different areas, and I love coaching them!

Here is the question I have for you: Are you ready to be a business owner? Is having a business a goal you want to work towards, so you can achieve it in a few years?

In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, I discuss the following 10 tips I recommend to help you transition from a corporate job to owning your own business in the future:

My 10 Tips and Podcast Episode Timestamps:

  • 05:00 - 1. Let the idea “percolate” for a while!
  • 06:14 - 2. Validate your business idea before going to market.
  • 08:25 - 3. Have enough savings to support the first 12 months.
  • 10:16 - 4. Before you embark on being a business owner, learn how to take care of your personal affairs!
  • 12:19 - 5. Get help from the get-go.
  • 14:35 - 6. Even with all the preparation above, there are still things you won’t know how to do, and that’s where you should invest in.
  • 23:11 - 7. Get ready to get busy.
  • 25:26 - 8. Be careful whose advice you follow.
  • 28:47 - 9. Be careful how you spend your money, especially with vanity metrics or expenses that are not right for your business size.
  • 30:53 - 10. Be patient and be positive!

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