58. Career Q&A: Returning from maternity leave, expected salary range, planning your next move, and much more.

job hunting job interview leadership linkedin q&a resume Nov 30, 2020
The Job Hunting Podcast Episode 58

In this episode, I’ll answer the most interesting questions I received since recording the last Career Q&A episode (episode 51). Thank you to everyone who has sent me questions by messaging me on social media, emails, or asking them when I’m invited to speak or present at webinars. It’s essential to me to receive these questions and know what issues are on your mind. This way, I can address them via the Q&A episodes and develop future episodes dedicated to the most common concerns.


  • 03:11 - Salary range: I’m often asked to nominate an expected salary in online applications, and it’s a mandatory question! Any tips for answering?
  • 06:47 - No promotion: I am doing my job very well, and management likes to keep me where I am. I am stuck in the same position for the last ten years. Does it look like I am missing a strategy on how to communicate with top management?
  • 10:02 - Contract to permanent: I’m in a part-time contract role. My director wants my role to be permanent, and it needs to be reviewed by the CEO for approval. I’m not sure how I would continue if it were refused.                                        
  • 14:54 - Moving from small to big company: What advice would you give someone who wants to move from a small company to a top tier company? It seems like the big four consulting firms only look for people who worked for the big four.
  • 18:56 - Starting a new role: I recently started a new role. Should I plan for my next move now?
  • 22:45 - Maternity leave: I have just returned from maternity leave and feel like I no longer enjoy my current role. What advice would you give in helping me find a new role?
  • 27:00 - Help with LinkedIn and resume: Can you advise me on doing a better resume and LinkedIn? And can I send you my resume?
  • 31:12 - Job search during the holidays: What are your holiday season and job hunting advice? Is there any point in job hunting in December and early January? 

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I cannot recommend it highly enough.

To my friends and colleagues who are currently job hunting, this podcast is for you. Renata Bernarde and her stellar line up of guests very generously share their perspective, advice, behind-the-scene secrets, tips, and anecdotes. "It's called The Job Hunting Podcast (it is what it says on the tin!) Guests include Anita Ziemer, Michelle Redfern, Mohit Bhargava. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Run. Don't Walk." - LinkedIn post shared by Amber Knight.

We listened, and we both got jobs!

"I am writing to let you know that I got a job. I found The Job Hunting Podcast because a friend of mine recommended it, and he also was successful in his job search. Your podcast tips and chats with guests helped me prepare for my job interview. My new position is a gateway to the organization and will allow me to grow as a professional. Thank you for the incredible work you do! We listened to your episodes and assimilated all the learnings." - Listener from New Zealand.

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