48. Emerging jobs and technologies - with Associate Professor Catherine Ball.

This episode was recorded LIVE during the 2020 Digital Innovation Forum (#DIF2020), organized by the Department of Job, Precincts, and Regions, State of Victoria, Australia. When the opportunity arose, I immediately thought of Catherine Ball as a perfect guest for this partnership between The Job Hunting Podcast and #DIF2020. She's full of energy and generous in sharing her ideas, knowledge, and advice. There was very little prompting needed from me! 

Catherine is one of the most prolific, efficient professionals and entrepreneurs I know. She also blends entrepreneurialism, academia, and corporate life seamlessly, at least from the outside. I am sure there's a great deal of hard work going on to keep all her engines going; she gives us a little bit of insight into how she manages it all.

This episode is one to be enjoyed and listened to a couple of times. It's also full of optimism and hope for an amazing future of work.

Catherine is currently promoting a masterclass on Influence and Leadership, which if you are lucky you may be able to access for free using this link below - if not it's still pretty cheap, so I recommend you invest it in if you are interested in managing a portfolio career or starting your own business consulting on the side:  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 04:42 – Catherine’s career journey.
  • 09:48 – Managing a portfolio career and entrepreneurial projects: How does she do it!?
  • 16.22 – How to charge for your services when you are a consultant.
  • 18:22 – STEM and innovation.
  • 27:45 – Diversity and innovation. 
  • 29:11 – Let's talk jobs! In-demand jobs in the (very near) future. 
  • 33:27 – Emerging jobs and technologies: for entry-level professionals, mid-level managers, and executives.
  • 36:23 – Senior executives and technology.
  • 42:38 – Emerging technologies: How is Australia faring?
  • 48:32 – Final words of wisdom.
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