18. My career story

From a very young age I remember my favourite play game was to pretend I was working. I was the teacher, the secretary, the horse-jumping instructor! My barbies were doctors and vets, and this was before you could actually buy a “professional” Barbie! My family had great aspirations for me and those involved me getting a job and being successful at it. I started working very young and became very independent; I never looked back. It's been great for me and I encouraged my kids to do the same. 

In this episode you'll listen to me explain the steps my husband and I took to move to Australia, and why we did it. It's great sharing my story on the podcast, as many people ask me about it: why I’ve moved to Australia, why and how I changed jobs, and how I got to where I am now.

In this Facebook Live, which we have now editted into a podcast, I focused on what I believe were my key challenges along the way: finding a career in a new country, and juggling career and family.

Here are some key takeaways from what I learned along the way:

  • how building relationships are important for your career and sanity!
  • planning and designing your lifestyle and budget to reach your career/life goals and passion.
  • how to make the best of every opportunity, if not creating your own.

In sharing my story I hope to inspire you and encourage you wherever you may be in your path right now.

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I hope you enjoy listening to this episode; look out for another great one coming up next week!

Bye for now


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