166. A former Google executive recruiter answers my most popular job-search questions.

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The former Google executive recruiter answers my most popular job-search questions.

Do you want to learn how to answer the infamous salary question? Have you wondered, "Can I apply multiple times for the same organization?" Do you need to explain a career gap? If so, this episode is for you! There's nothing like learning from the expert! Ginny Clarke has extensive experience recruiting senior leaders for Google and other sought-after employers. So, given we had her for a whole hour for this episode, I collated a range of questions from podcast listeners and clients and asked her those questions.

Listen to this episode if you:

  • Want to learn how to answer the infamous salary question
  • Have wondered: "Can I apply multiple times for the same organization?" 
  • Have been the internal candidate up for promotion 
  • Need to explain a career gap
  • Worry about your references
  • And much more!

About our guest:

Ginny Clarke was most recently Director, Executive Recruiting at Google from August 2016 until November 2020. In this role, she led the Diversity, Non-tech Recruiting, and Leadership Internal Mobility teams. Before Google, Ginny was a Partner at Spencer Stuart, the global executive search firm, where she co-founded and led the firm's Global Diversity Practice. Currently, Ginny runs Ginny Clarke, LLC, her own talent and leadership consulting business. She is also an active keynote speaker, host, and creator of the podcast Fifth Dimensional Leadership and the author of Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work (2011). Click here to learn more about Ginny.


4:04 Ginny Clarke's Career

19:35 Question 1: The salary question

22:09 Question 2: Applying multiple times for the same organization

26:32 Question 3: The internal candidate - the Google experience

30:12 Question 4: Explaining a career gap

37:23 Question 5: References

41:42 Question 6: Social media presence 

47:16 Question 7: Career advancement - applying for a role above yours

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I cannot recommend it highly enough.

To my friends and colleagues who are currently job hunting, this podcast is for you. Renata Bernarde and her stellar line up of guests very generously share their perspective, advice, behind-the-scene secrets, tips, and anecdotes. "It's called The Job Hunting Podcast (it is what it says on the tin!) Guests include Anita Ziemer, Michelle Redfern, Mohit Bhargava. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Run. Don't Walk." - LinkedIn post shared by Amber Knight.

We listened, and we both got jobs!

"I am writing to let you know that I got a job. I found The Job Hunting Podcast because a friend of mine recommended it, and he also was successful in his job search. Your podcast tips and chats with guests helped me prepare for my job interview. My new position is a gateway to the organization and will allow me to grow as a professional. Thank you for the incredible work you do! We listened to your episodes and assimilated all the learnings." - Listener from New Zealand.

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