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It will give you the tools, guidance, and coaching you need to initiate a successful job search, regardless of your available time.

Action verbs are strong action words that help define your experience, skills, and career accomplishments. If you don’t use them to explain your career, you are not emphasizing your strengths well enough. Keep this list always close to you and easily accessible.

I aim to make job hunting and career advancement less stressful and more successful. So, I created this template to help you when there is no specific job to apply for, but you want to connect with your recruiter or headhunter.

It incorporates bits of advice I received and gave over the years, and the last “tick” includes a reference to one of my favorite management books, in case you need extra help to manage tough conversations at work, or during your exit interview.

A curated list of ChatGPT prompts, offering practical, actionable advice for creating resumes, preparing for interviews, optimizing job searches, and focusing on professional growth.

When the reality hits that you need to find a new job, what are the most important first steps that will lead you on a road to success? How and where do you start looking?

This free guide is full of the best tools to help you present and organize yourself in the best light possible.

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