The proven blueprint for creating a prosperous career and attracting your next job.

Job Hunting Made Simple is a 7-week online course + coaching program created by Renata Bernarde that shows you how to plan and advance your career in a way that is intentional, inspiring and fun.

Looking for work and taking the next steps to advance your career can be a stressful and lonely experience.

Job Hunting Made Simple was created for people who are:

  • serious about their future career progression, but unsure how to achieve their goals;
  • in-between jobs and not knowing if they're putting their time and effort into the right strategies.
  • returning to work after an extended break, not knowing how the market will perceive them; and
  • ready to look for new job opportunities, but just can't find the time or focus to do it!

Register your interest for the April 2020 intake.

Registrations will open again in April 2020. Enter your name and email to register your interest and Renata will be in touch with you to start planning and getting you ready for the program.

It's challenging to know what and how to spend your time:

  • Should you be out and about having coffees with your connections?
  • Or home searching and applying for jobs online?
  • How can I you look for work when you have a full-time job? It's exhausting!

Sometimes the anxiety and lack of confidence can be debilitating.

When you finally get around to applying for a great role...crickets! You hear nothing back! So much time wasted for nothing! At times, you just want to give up..

The information overload we experience every day is draining our capacity to think and plan strategically for our life, career and future happiness.

The Job Hunting Made Simple program provides a framework to make sense of all the options, opportunities and steps ahead, in a way that is intentional, inspiring and simple.


Introducing Job Hunting Made Simple

The proven blueprint for creating a prosperous career, aligning your values and attracting your next job.

A 7-week program that will transform the way you jobhunt and think about your career, through a series of videos talks, live Q&As, and designed-for-you documents and templates.

Motivation & Life Goals

Create intentional long-term goals for your life and career. Pursue your goals by managing your energy and well-being.


Strengths & Strategy

Know and embrace your key strengths. Reconnect with your career and personal achievements. Align them with future career options. 

Your Plan into Action

Develop your personal plan and tell your story. Become a social leader. Amplify your message using LinkedIn and other platforms. 

Recruitment & Selection

Understand the inner works of recruitment and selection. Create master documents and templates to simplify your job search and networking.

Job Applications & Networking

Get to know recruiters and hiring managers. Network effortlessly and gracefully. Create and develop your personal narrative.

Job Interviews

Strategies to enable you to stay ready to be contacted and interviewed. Interview day planning and techniques.

Resilience & Confidence

Understanding the "waiting game". Using feedback and experiences for self-development. Be ready to negotiate. 

Slade Group Networking Events

Slade Group has kindly offered to host a networking event at their premises on 333 Collins St, Melbourne, so that participants can network with Renata and the Slade Group Team of recruiters.

Register your interest for the April 2020 intake.

Registrations will open again in April 2020. Enter your name and email to register your interest and Renata will be in touch with you to start planning and getting you ready for the program.

Hi, I'm Renata Bernarde, Host The Job Hunting Podcast and Creator of The Job Hunting Made Simple Program.

I share my experiences and teach professionals how to job-hunt, succeed in a new role and achieve their career goals. I'd like to see you win and take control of your professional life.

In my corporate career I experienced it all, believe me! I've been hired, fired, headhunted, retrenched, managed teams, projects, entire portfolios, became a CEO, lived in different countries, started my own business, sold it, married, had kids...

Like I said, it's a lot of experience, which I managed to combined with extensive business education and research. I've gathered an amazing amount of knowledge, tips and strategies on what to do, and what not to do, when applying for jobs, starting a new role and planning your career. I am ready to share all of that with you.

The Job Hunting Made Simple Course and Private Group is completely unique; there's nothing like it on the market! It's also tried and tested, on me primarily and also on my private clients and professionals that I've mentored. I can't wait to share that with you!

"Thanks to Renata, I had the ability to search within myself to uncover talents that I didn’t even know I had. From there, we worked together on a LinkedIn makeover and interview prep. There is no “going through the motions” with Renata. Her warmth and genuine interest in helping others reach their personal career goals sets her apart from the rest."

Business Manager, Manufacturing

"I worked with Renata over 10 years ago, at that time she introduced me (and the team) to using positive psychology practices at work. Since then, I have routinely drawn on the ideas and strategies I learnt from Renata. She has helped me to understand how I can build and maintain my resilience. I would recommend working with Renata to anyone, she understands people and the skills they bring, she is positive and driven."

Quality Manager, Education

"Renata helped me through a gruelling recruitment process and salary negotiation. Her advice and support was instrumental to my successful job transition"

Head of Marketing, Fintech Company

"It is a unique privilege to work with Renata, her energy and experience inspire great leadership. As a mentor, Renata provides a powerful set of skills and tools to master overwhelming challenges—guiding you with clarity and focus to achieve your vision."

Editor, Publishing Organisation

What the program offers:

  • Weekly video lessons, approximately 60 mins each.
  • Downloadable documents that accompany each weekly lesson: templates, check-lists, and more.
  • Additional recommended articles and books for each weekly lesson.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.
  • Private and closed group for students to build an accountability and support network.
  • Slade Group Clients will be invited to attend a networking event at their premises in Melbourne's CBD.


What is the investment? Are there payment plans?

The investment for Job Hunting Made Simple is AUD$795 (or approximately US$595). We also offer a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of AUD$295 (or approximately US$210).

How is this program taught and how do I access it?

Job Hunting Made Simple is delivered  by Renata Bernarde fully online and digitally. Once you register for the course, you will receive your login details and you will be able to access the online course platform, which was created specifically for the delivery of course and coaching programs.

How long do I have access to the program?

You’ll have access to the materials forever. While the program is delivered over 7 weeks, you can take longer or revisit the lessons at any time in the future.

When is it offered?

Enrollents for Job Hunting Made Simple happen only a few times per year, usually in the months of January, April and Septemmber. But once you are enrolled, the program is yours to keep. You have access to the online platform for 4 months and you can also download all the content to keep for life. 

How long does the program take?

The 7 weekly video lessons are the foundation of the program. That's were the concepts and strategies are delivered. Each lesson is 50 to 60 minutes long, delivered weekly during the 7 weeks, together with the documents that accompany each lesson.

What if I can't attend the live Q&A sessions?

The live sessions will be held weekly during the 7 weeks, then recorded and available on the online platform for you to review at any time. You'll be able to post your questions in advance so I can answer them live.

Can't I just enrol in the program? I'm ready!

That's excellent! Hang on, register your interest and we will be in touch with you as soon as registrations open. Once you register your interest, Renata will organise a call with you to start planning for the program.

Register your interest for the April 2020 intake.

Registrations will open again in April 2020. Enter your name and email to register your interest and Renata will be in touch with you to start planning and getting you ready for the program.


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