185. The ultimate guide to working from home: 7 tips to impress employers

new world of work May 08, 2023
Work from Home

The work-from-home trend has resulted in many people feeling unproductive, working longer hours, and disconnected from their colleagues. As a career coach, I have spoken to many professionals who want a change. They feel bored, have achieved everything they could at their current job, or have found that hybrid work doesn't work for themselves, their teams, or their managers. Constant micromanagement, controlling policies, and focus not on output but on activity or being present in the office are not conducive to a good work culture.

The remote work revolution

If we want employers to be more flexible and accepting of work-from-home arrangements, we need to get better at it ourselves. The change starts with each of us, and our challenge is to find new habits, pathways, systems, and structures that allow us to operate efficiently and professionally from home. This could be the year when corporate professionals make a solid case for companies that we can get work done better in a diverse way, not only in the traditional office environment.

This podcast episode is a guide for hybrid and remote workers. It could be the first step in educating us on how we can be great colleagues, team members, and members working remotely. It is full of the best tools to help you present and organize yourself in the best light possible.

In this episode, we discuss the most common challenges of remote work, such as distractions, loneliness, and lack of motivation, and provide tips for overcoming them. We also provide strategies for maintaining motivation and productivity, such as goal setting, time management, and self-care.

How to work from home like a pro

The first important strategy for working from home effectively is to set up a productive workspace at home, create a dedicated workspace, minimize distractions, and optimize your home office's lighting, ergonomics, and technology. This helps with balancing work and personal life.

We also discuss the importance of establishing a consistent daily routine that includes set work hours, breaks, exercise, and strategies for managing your time and staying organized.

We explore different ways to stay connected with coworkers, clients, and customers remotely, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and project management tools. We also discuss how to communicate effectively and professionally in a remote work environment, including best practices for email etiquette, video conferencing, and virtual networking.

Finally, we explore how to be a great team member or, if you are the team leader, how to build and manage a successful remote team, including communication, collaboration, and team-building strategies. It is important to update your leadership style and read about remote leadership. The trend toward remote work is not going away, and your leadership style needs to evolve to reflect this change.

Work from home efficiently and professionally

I created a free guide full of the best tools (that even I can’t live without) to help you present and organize yourself in the best light possible.


I hope this episode provides a roadmap for successfully navigating remote work. The change starts with each of us, and with the right tools and strategies, we can all be successful remote workers. I would love to know if you use any tools listed in the guideWhat are your favorites? Please reply to my newsletter email, or send me a message on LinkedIn telling me about your favorite work-from-home strategies.   

Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • 06:44 - 1. Setting up a productive workspace at home
  • 13:58 - 2. Creating a daily routine and schedule
  • 20:26 - 3. Staying connected with colleagues and clients
  • 27:54 - 4. Maintaining a professional communication style in a remote tech world
  • 34:46 - 5. Building a successful remote team
  • 39:17 - 6. Adapting to changing circumstances
  • 44:40 - 7. Resources and tools for remote workers

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