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Start here with the step-by-step approach created by a job-hunting expert to help you succeed in your career:

Learn about your Strengths

TalentPredix™ uses the latest assessment technology and science to identify your talents, career drivers, and values to help you find your voice in a sea of candidates. You'll think differently about your career plans and opportunities.

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Update your Resume & Plans

Has your career been covid'd? Press reset and start planning for a new era. Over 4 hours of masterclasses. Get the best career advice and job-hunting support for 2022 and beyond. Includes downloadable resources and templates.

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Update your LinkedIn®

Get your LinkedIn® profile and activity professionally and expertly reviewed for the purpose of job-hunting and career advancement. Learn how to set up your LinkedIn® presence to attract opportunities, recruiters, and hiring managers.

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Career Coaching Consultation

Book a consultation to help you navigate career challenges: review your resume, prepare for a job interview, and much more. Set aside some time to invest in you, discuss your job hunting blocks, and set realistic goals for your career advancement. 

A$379- Book

You're ready to invest in your career: Work with Renata to ensure you will achieve your goals without wasting time:

Have it All

You don't want to compromise when what's at stake is your future. Buy Find My Talents + Reset Your Career + LinkedIn® Audit + Consultation and save. This combo will set you on the right path for career success.

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Group Coaching

The Job Hunting Made Simple is an online course and group coaching program. It is the proven blueprint for creating a prosperous career, aligning your values, and attracting your next job.

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Private Coaching

Book a 30-minute no-commitment call with Renata to discuss private coaching for you or your employee. Achieve results faster and get the support you need to succeed through a challenging career transition.

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The Optimized Job Search Schedule & Masterclass help you build the best routine that suits your needs, no matter how much (or how little) time you have. You will reduce your job-search time and get the right things done.



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