Has your career been covid'd?

Let's press reset and start planning for a new era.

We designed a workshop, followed by a 30-day action plan packed with the most up-to-date information to support professionals in the corporate, public, nonprofit sectors who are in-between jobs in 2020. 

Reset Your Career was created by Renata Bernarde, an expert coach and the host of The Job Hunting Podcast. The workshop will be delivered in collaboration with the team at the recruitment organization Slade Group.


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Special 2020 Offer

$147 AUD

approx $107 US


It's time for professionals to reset.

And job market experts want to share their knowledge with you. This workshop and action plan is our opportunity. 

We can all agree that 2020 has been a complicated year, and maybe you and other professionals like you at some point have lost track of your career goals, your focus, and your ambitions. Most importantly, lockdown, working from home, and unemployment have left many of us disconnected from what employers are now searching for in their new hires.

A program to kickstart our engines.

The workshop sessions, action plan, and resources available inside the online platform were designed by Renata Bernarde, a Career Coach and job hunting expert.

Reset Your Career is perfect for professionals and executives in-between jobs in 2020 and hoping to find work in the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors. In a hybrid program that mixes self-guided content and live Zoom gatherings, Renata Bernarde - an experienced Career Strategist and Job Hunting Expert - will personally take you through the step-by-step of how to reset your career and start getting your job search plans into gear.

Workshop Program, Tuesday 27 October 9 am to 1pm

The workshop will be recorded and available on the Reset Your Career online platform, as well as the presentation slides.

Welcome Address by Geoff Slade and Renata Bernarde

Geoff Slade is the Founder and Chairman of the recruitment company Slade Group. Renata Bernarde is a Career Coach and the Program Host.

Session 1: Reset Your Career Masterclass

This masterclass is about taking stock and taking action. Renata will discuss 5 strategies professionals need to consider when planning for career advancement or change.

Session 2: How to find a job in turbulent times

We look at the differences between job searching pre and post covid, and strategies to operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment.

Session 3: Recruiters' Panel and Q&A

Recruiters from Slade Group and the Interchange Bench will share with participants their insight on the job market and answer questions.

Session 4: Telling Your Leadership Story

This masterclass is about understanding the power of storytelling, words and narrative to present you work and expertise, and the best platforms you can use.

Next Steps, Action Plan and Future Webinar

We make sure everyone knows how to access the Reset Your Career online platform, and discuss the next steps we will take with the Action Plan and future webinar.

Plus, access the online platform with: 

You can access the platform on any device, and download the content to your computer.

Workshop Recordings

The recordings and slide presentations of the workshop sessions.

31 Days of Actions

Activate the 31 Days of Actions when you are ready.


7 downloadable documents: templates, checklists, and workbooks.

Webinar Recording

After we hold the final webinar, the recording will also be available here.

Special 2020 Offer

$147 AUD

approx $107 US


As part of our Candidate Care program, Slade Group is committed to candidates beyond the recruitment and selection process. 

As we navigate a new and complex environment in the current job market, we are excited to share an exciting program with you, to help you Reset Your Career. Renata has a platform. Together we hope to support you to press reset and get back on track.

Geoff Slade, Founder and Executive Chairman of Slade Group, a full-service recruitment company based in Melbourne Australia and operating nationally, with over 50 years of history in recruiting top talent. 

If you’re looking for employment, maybe even considering a sector or career change, and COVID-19 has made it difficult for you to carry out your plans, get motivated, or have any success in the recruitment and selection process than you already know that having first-hand knowledge from a job hunting expert and recruiters may be really helpful right now.

Reconnecting with your professional network and applying for jobs advertised online has been the go-to strategy. Many professionals are doing that at the moment. But with fewer job opportunities available, and many qualified professionals on the market, what if there are key tips, new trends, and market intelligence that I can share with you to give you a headstart?

Renata Bernarde, Job Hunting Expert, Managing Director of Pantala Academy, Creator of "Reset Your Career" and "Job Hunting Made Simple" programs, and Host of The Job Podcast.

53. Job hunting and career progression for the trans, gender divers...

Oct 26, 2020

Renata and Geoff Slade have a chat.

Listen to The Job Hunting Podcast Episode, where Renata interviews Geoff Slade, Executive Chairman of the Slade Group, Interchange Bench, and TRANSEARCH. They discuss the changes in recruitment over the years, where jobs are available today, how career coaches can help job hunters, the misconceptions about the recruitment process and the role of recruiters, and much more...

Special 2020 Offer

$147 AUD

approx $107 US

  • Reset Your Career Workshop, Tuesday 27 October 9am-1pm.
  • Recordings and slide presentations of all workshop sessions.
  • 31 Days of Actions Plan.
  • 7 Downloadable templates, workbooks, and guides. 
  • A final webinar to be held a month after the workshop. 

What previous participants had to say about Reset Your Career:

In December 2019 Renata designed the first Reset Your Career Program, receiving over 300 registrations and running 7 live webinars. In January 2020 she ran the first test of the 31 Days of Action to Reset Your Career. 


“Thank you for these constructive actions. I did not know that some of them were part of the mix in attracting recruiters! I need to go back to day 1 of the 31 Days of Actions, and start again! :)”


“I really enjoyed it and got some tips that I can put into practice. Your 70/30 rule is a good thing to keep in mind (especially for an over-deliverer like me!). Many thanks!”


“So nice to hear from you again, I missed your career sessions at the Monash MBA. I must applaud this initiative you've started! This was a great webinar, thank you.”


“Thank you for all your advice and knowledge! Great webinar and lots to consider!! :)”


“What you explained about redundancy really resonated with me. Thank you! ”


“I was looking forward to this so much! Thank you for your honest share.”

I know it’s daunting for professionals who would rather deliver at work than focus on themselves.

But Renata will help you reframe that thinking. It can be hard to know where to begin on this discovery of your next career step, and everyone feels super vulnerable at some point. Don’t worry, there’s a virtual hand holding all the way through. Renata herself is an experienced senior executive who’s been directly involved in many senior hires, leading large teams, and consulting to blue-chip employers. You’ll be amazed to discover what you didn’t know about how to step up into your next role.

Anita Ziemer, Executive Director, Slade Group.