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Has your career been COVID'd? Are you ready for a change? 

Press "RESET" and start planning for a new era.


Can You Make a Great Career Plan in Just 4 Hours? Yes, You Can! 

You Asked for It, and We Listened:
  • A simple formula to help you make the best decisions for your next career steps.
  • Masterclasses designed with feedback from recruiters.
  • Easy-to-use templates for your resume and cover letters.
  • Daily tasks you can do daily to get you job-ready in 1 month.

Yes, This Program is for You!

I wanted to let you know that I have a job!!! My package is $XXX,XXX, and the role is permanent full-time. Thank you for keeping my thinking clear and positive during the arduous job search process. It took nerves of steel not to waste time and effort to take a lesser role, know my value, and position myself accordingly. Reset Your Career was perfect for me. I couldn't afford private coaching, but I still wanted something with substance that would guide me. With your support, I crystallized my personal narrative, improved my cover letter, was invited to interviews, interviewed confidently, was the preferred candidate in more than one process, and finally got a great job. Thanks for helping me feel I got this and enabling me to operate from a place of hope and confidence rather than inertia and negativity.

S. had been unemployed for over a year when she accessed Reset Your Career. She got a great job a few months later.

Dear Renata, I wanted to pass on the news that I start my new role on Monday - and to thank you for the great resources and inspiration you provided, which I found so helpful.

K. accessed Reset Your Career in Nov 2021 and got a new job in Jan 2022

I am up to Day 10 in the 31 Days of Action Plan and I am absolutely loving it. I am very excited about my plans for the future. I wanted to let you know that having a new action every day is an excellent way to keep one up beat and motivated. Thank you!

J., Health Manager, Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to share the great news that I have accepted a role with XXX as General Manager, XXX. In the end, I had 3 roles to choose from late last week! Your advice was great and spot on. I learned a lot, and it was very practical and effective in my career search. 🙏🙏 Thanks again.

E. had been looking for work for over 6 months 

I'm glad I connected with Renata. I started to receive her newsletter and then enrolled in the Reset Your Career. It helped clear my mind about what to do next. I like the daily action emails, and I follow the daily check. I wake up early, go for daily walks, eat healthily, boost my LinkedIn profile, meditate, listen to podcasts, and get in touch with people in my network. Thank you for all your tips and advice.

L., Senior Executive

Your brand is energetic, positive, and approachable, making connecting with you instantly. You build trust from the onset! Your coaching experience and personable character made my goal to reset my career tangible and achievable. I'm already recommending friends and colleagues to your program.

J. was working as a casual marketing professional. She is now fully employed.

Since doing the program, my job applications have been opened more often, and I'm finally getting interviews. My confidence has improved when applying, and understanding the recruiter mindset has been most valuable when completing the CV, updating my LinkedIn, and drafting cover Letters. These are excellent selling tools to get your foot in the door.

J., Finance Manager, NonProfit Sector

I love these daily emails. I find myself a little ahead, but that’s because each email is also prompting and evolving my thinking, which is fantastic. I love what you’ve created in this program. I’m not ticking boxed and going through mindless motions; I’m super engaged and activated in reflecting, expanding my thinking, and growing my reach. This is going beyond a job; I’m starting to think long-term and broadly about where I want to be in the next 20 years. That may not have been your intention when you created the program, but I guess it depends on what stage of life you start the program and what you’re expecting as an individual. A long-winded email to express my gratitude; thanks, Renata, I needed this.

S., Business Transformation Leader


What will you learn inside Reset Your Career?

Finally figure out how to achieve your career goal

  • Secure a great job in the corporate, nonprofit, or public sector.
  • Start making necessary plans for your future so you can have the best career in the years ahead.
  • Improve your executive and professional presence.
  • Understand how to operate as an executive in the online world.
  • Find out how the job market works so that you can make the best decisions for your future.
  • Know how to design a great resume that suits your profession and the jobs you want to apply for.
  • Know how recruiters and employers think when they are hiring.

Reset Your Career will help you achieve that and much more

The Reset Your Career Online Course, Action Plan, and Resources were designed to put your career back on track. It will deliver the knowledge you need to be inspired to take great steps towards your new job and successful professional future.

  • After watching the masterclasses, you will be able to make significant decisions for your future job search and career goals.
  • The 31-Day Action Plan ensures that you continue to build a routine that leads to a successful job search and career advancement. 
  • There are resources, templates, and bonus content to ensure you have all the knowledge and tools you need to start a successful job search and develop your future career goals. This includes resume and cover letter templates!

And the best thing is that it's available to you right now, so there is no need to wait! Don't miss out on finally getting the specific guidance you need to succeed in taking control of your career.


What is Waiting for You Inside the Reset Your Career Platform:

Knowledge to make the best decisions, reset your career, and put you on the path to your preferred future.

Video lessons taught by a career expert who has successfully coached many professionals just like you.

A 31-day Action Plan that will ensure you apply what you learned and build a successful routine to achieve your goals.

Templates you can copy for resumes, cover letters, emails to recruiters, and much more. No more guesswork.


Hi, I'm Renata, Executive Career Coach & Host of The Job Hunting Podcast. The Reset Your Career is taught by me. 

I designed Reset Your Career to be a workshop and action plan packed with the most up-to-date information to help professionals in the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors find the best way forward for their careers. I've been running Reset Your Career since 2019, and dear, oh dear, have I had to work hard to keep the content relevant!

We can all agree that the past few years have been a complicated mess. Maybe you, at some point, lost track of your career goals, focus, and ambitions. Or quite the contrary, the epidemic has put things into perspective, and you found your mojo again?

Most importantly, lockdown, working from home, and unemployment have left many of us disconnected from what employers are now searching for in their new hires.

It's time for professionals to pay attention and reset. Things have changed! Hosting the Job Hunting Podcast is a real treat for me: interviewing experts and researching topics for my weekly show means I am confident I have the advice and recommendations to support you. Plus, I have interviewed hundreds of job seekers during the past two years and successfully coached my clients into new jobs and better career results.

It's time for you to pay attention and reset. Things have changed! So please join me at the workshop, and let's get those career plans into action now!


Start today, Get Quick Results, and Keep Focused Long-Term:

One email per day for 31 days

Every day, you will receive one email from Renata with one action you need to take to kick-start your successful career plan.

You decide when to start and the pace

Want to wait until Monday? Want to wait until next year? You decide when to start. And you can restart anytime as well.

Resumes and cover letter templates

Plus, email templates, checklists, workbooks, guides, and other essential tools are designed for job seekers.

Loved by clients and recruitment experts

Reset Your Career is a real success. Read the testimonials on this page and find out why so many professionals love it.

Yes, I'm ready to reset my career and access the Reset Your Career now! 


AUD (aprox. $100 USD)


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