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Looking for an expert opinion on your LinkedIn profile and strategy? I'm here to help you! Watch this video where I explain how the audit works. Below you can read clients' testimonials and make your booking!

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What to expect:

  • The LinkedIn audit includes a detailed video recording, where I go through your LinkedIn profile top to bottom, giving you tips and advice along the way.
  • You will receive the video link by email, together with a written email reporting the key recommendations from me to improve your profile.
  • If you actively post or comment, I will also review your activity, and make recommendations so that it is aligned to your profile and career goals. If you are not yet posting and commenting, I will provide you with advice on topics, formats, and ideas that you can consider, if you are interested in being more active on LinkedIn.
  • With a list of recommendations, tips, and ideas on hand, you will feel more confident and less stressed about using LinkedIn, more motivated and excited about the next steps you need to take to achieve your career goals.



inc. GST for Aussies

  • Get your profile expertly reviewed
  • Find areas for improvements 
  • Identify what's not working
  • More confidence and less stress
  • Address your key concerns
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Read these testimonials:


Why did you book a LinkedIn Audit?

My LinkedIn profile had very little information about my career. I created it because I knew I had to, but updating it was something I avoided for years. However, I won't be staying in my current role, and it's time to start looking for another job. The thought of having to update my LinkedIn profile alone was overwhelming, and I felt I could do with some expert help and guidance.

What did you think of the audit video, report and recommendations?

I only just got it back, but have already started implementing the recommendations and tips Renata gave me. The feedback was extremely useful, as has been The Job Hunting Podcast, which I've been following for a few months now. However the audit is tailored and done for me, so I really think it makes all the difference.

What would you say to someone considering booking the LinkedIn Audit with Renata?

Just do it. It really helped me and I have enjoyed the journey and reflections that I've gained through her service.  

Lisa's LinkedIn profile is like many I've seen: a bit neglected, even though she has an amazing thought leadership, ready to be shared with her network, and beyond! I encouraged her to include her publications in specific sections of her profile, Once she gets the basics done by following the audit recommendations, I hope to see Lisa more active on LinkedIn. The photo is stock to protect Lisa's privacy (but she also has a great smile!)

What did you think of your LinkedIn Audit?

I think your clients will benefit from it, as you can tell from my refreshed LinkedIn profile! I've already incorporated a large number of the changes you've suggested. I think people thinking about booking your LinkedIn Audit should know that you are very detailed in your audit and try to add as much as possible in a very short period of time. I didn't realise until I received the report and video that you have done a lot of research and review prior to the recording of the feedback. Hence, the once-off fee for this service seems to be even more worth the investment for your review, preparation, and feedback. I also like the document you sent me, which acted as a checklist. And you even sent me some specific articles about LinkedIn that suited my career transition; they were useful too. I really like how you position and add value to the career management space through your business. Thank you so much, Renata.

Chris' blue-chip roles in the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as a exceptional business education, were not shining on LinkedIn. I just had a quick look now and all I can say is "wow". He really did incorporate the report recommendations, and his profile now matches his experience, and is sure to impress whoever lands on it. The photo is stock to protect his privacy, but he has a great LinkedIn photo! 

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What did you think of your LinkedIn Audit?

Renata, thank you so much for the detailed analysis! From what I've seen so far in your report and the video, it's fantastic. I'm slowly absorbing everything and will implement it over the next few weeks. Also, thank you for the discount offer for the consultation booking. I'm going to use and think it will be useful to drive accountability so I can get to my desired goals. Thanks heaps!

Manisha is juggling a busy full-time job and parenting under lockdown. She wanted to make sure her LinkedIn was taken care of, just in case. The photo is stock to protect her privacy. 

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Read more testimonials:


"Thank you so much for doing my LinkedIn Audit, and sharing some amazing suggestions and recommendations. I have made changes to my profile as mentioned."
Same client, a week later:
"I am writing to inform you, I have got a 3 months contract job with [redacted] as a [redacted]. I started with my training and quite liked it. I will be very soon updating my Linkedin profile. Thank you for your time and efforts."


"Amazing Renata, Thank you so much. It was exactly the hand-holding I needed and will start to update and tidy up my profile and activity with all your good advice in mind."


"Thank you for your audit. You were spot on with much of your analysis and I spent a bit of time fine-tuning my profile based on your suggestions yesterday. The short version - thank you. I like your style."


"Thanks, Renata, I am really glad that I reached out and engaged your services. You gave me much to think about and alter. I have spent the morning making the changes you recommended and can see exactly why you suggested them, thanks. There really is a specialist art to Linkedin. Looking forward to keeping connected and seeing where it can take me. Thanks again."

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Read these endorsements:


"The candidates I suggest meet with Renata always value the advice and really useful tools she provides. A true advocate for the candidate which is important ... even more so in a tough market." 

Jacinta Whelan is the Lead Partner in Melbourne for Watermark Search International, with over 20 years’ search experience in Hong Kong, New York and Australia.

"I know it’s daunting for professionals who would rather deliver at work than focus on themselves, but Renata will help you reframe that thinking.  It can be hard to know where to begin on this discovery of your next career step, and everyone feels super vulnerable at some point. Don’t worry, there’s virtual hand holding all the way through. Renata herself is an experienced senior executive who’s been directly involved in many senior hires, leading large teams, and consulting to blue chip employers. You’ll be amazed to discover what you didn’t know about how to step up into your next role." 

Anita Ziemer is the Managing Director of  the recruitment firm Slade Group, and an experienced recruiter and executive search consultant.
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