It's a proven blueprint for creating a prosperous career, aligning your values, and attracting your next job.


The 7-week program will transform the way you job hunt and think about your career through a series of weekly masterclasses, recorded videos, study halls, Q&As sessions, and career-ready documents and templates.

It's challenging to know what and how to spend your time:

  • Should you be on Zoom having virtual coffees with your connections?
  • Or is it better to spend your time searching and applying for jobs online?
  • How can you look for work when you have a full-time job?

It's exhausting! Sometimes the anxiety and lack of confidence can be debilitating. And when you finally get around to applying for a great role...crickets! You hear nothing back. So much time wasted for nothing. At times, you just want to give up...

Imagine job hunting without stress, confusion, and overwhelm.

The information overload we experience every day drains our capacity to think and plan strategically for our life, career, and future happiness.

The Job Hunting Made Simple program provides a framework to make sense of all the options, opportunities, and steps ahead in an intentional, inspiring, and simple way.

Create a prosperous career and attract your next job with the support of an expert coach and a framework that works.


Job Hunting Made Simple is an online course + group coaching program created by job-hunting expert and career strategist Renata Bernarde. Her program is designed to help you plan and advance your career in an intentional, inspiring, and fun way.

Job Hunting Made Simple is for you: 

  • You are serious about your future career progression but unsure how to achieve your goals.
  • You are in-between jobs at the moment and unsure where to invest your time and energy to speed your path to your next job.
  • You're unsure how recruiters and hiring managers perceive your skills and experience, impacting your ability to apply for future roles.
  • You're ready to look for new job opportunities but can't find the time or focus to do it!
  • The information overload you experience every day drains your capacity to think and plan strategically for your life, career, and future happiness.
  • You're a professional in the corporate, nonprofit, or public sector with plenty of experience under your belt. You're no spring chicken, and you want to ensure you present yourself with the right level of executive presence both in person, online and on paper.


Here's what you'll get in The Job Hunting Made Simple:


Whether you're looking for a part-time job, full-time job, contract roles, or non-executive directorships, this 7-week program provides the elements that are a foundation to successful career plans:


Have the peace of mind that you know what you want to achieve, and you are getting the right things done in the correct order.


Uplevel your ability to communicate your skills and experience clearly so you can move faster in the recruitment and selection process.


Accountability, framework, ongoing feedback, and review of your results in a distraction-free learning environment to speed your outcomes. 

Here's what you'll learn to get to your next job faster:


The Job Hunting Made Simple program has 7 Modules designed to give you exactly what you need to start a successful job-hunting campaign and create a great and sustainable career.

Module 1: Map Your Motivation & Life Goals

Every successful career is built on a strong foundation. Clarify and create intentional long-term goals for your life and career. Learn how to pursue your goals by managing your energy and well-being:

  • Thinking long term: Develop your personal impact plan.
  • Peak Performance: Understanding what makes you tick.
  • Manage your wellbeing: Managing your expectations and creating step-by-step results.

Module 2: Understanding Your Strengths & Developing Your Strategy

Know and embrace your key strengths. Reconnect with your career and personal achievements. Align them with future career options:

  • Get to know your Character Strengths and learn to use them to your advantage.
  • Assess your career strategies and identify the black spots and bottlenecks.
  • Organize your personal career archive: Curate your stories, achievements, and feedback you can use to wow your audience.

Module 3: Put Your Plan Into Action

Design and develop your personal plan and learn how to tell your professional story. Become a social leader, using all the arsenal within your reach to amplify and reinforce your message. Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn and other platforms for professional purposes and to grow your executive presence:

  • Develop your personal story and pitch of where you want to go next.
  • Leverage from LinkedIn and other platforms to reinforce your professionalism.
  • Become a social leader, learning to use social media to your advantage, adopting a style and presence that suits your needs.

Module 4: Understand Recruitment & Selection

Understand the inner works of recruitment and selection. Create master documents and templates to simplify your job search and networking:

  • Understand the selection process, how to read between the lines, and navigate the job market
  • Learn to develop a winning job application by developing essential market research techniques before sending your application
  • Create your master templates: Resume, Cover Letter, etc.. to make applying for that special job at the last minute a breeze.

Module 5: Job Applications & Networking

Understand the importance of applying for jobs and networking at the same time.  Learn to write great introduction emails and messages, and get to know recruiters and hiring managers. Network effortlessly and gracefully. Create and develop your personal style and narrative:

  • Introductions do's and don't's: what to do and not do when connecting with recruiters, employers, referees, and mentors
  • Networking strategies to approach people you don't know.
  • Being comfortable with your pitch and be crystal clear in communicating your value to the organization. 

Module 6: Nail Job Interviews

Learn strategies to enable you to stay ready to be contacted and interviewed at any time. Understand the importance of "interview day" planning and learn techniques to boost your performance under pressure:

  • Understand the importance of being on call and ready to be contacted.
  • Discover how the previous modules have already prepared you to be ready to be interviewed.
  • Interview day planning, techniques, and practice sessions.

Module 7: Boosting Your Resilience & Confidence

Understanding and acknowledging that job hunting is a competitive experience and requires resilience building.

  • Learn to use your experience to understand patterns and find your feedback for improvement and tweaking:
  • Find outlets for your talents to shine during your job search.
  • Techniques to feel positive and confident under stress.

About Renata Bernarde

A former CEO and senior executive, Renata is now dedicated to helping professionals in the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors further their careers.

Her podcast - The Job Hunting Podcast - is listened to by thousands of professionals in over 50 countries. She has been featured in LinkedIn News, is a regular guest at the Australian news channel Ticker TV, and has been a speaker at several organizations such as Lean In Melbourne, Governance Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand.

She has successfully coached dozens of C-level executives, managers, and corporate professionals to achieve the best outcomes in their immediate job hunting, as well as plan their careers for the long run. 

Her Job Hunting Made Simple online course was developed based on decades of personal research on what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to job hunting and career advancement for white-collar professionals.

She started designing her signature framework to support her own career, then used it to support executive MBA students, young professionals in the finance and consulting industries, the most high-profile Australian future leaders during her tenure as CEO of a prestigious scholarship program, as well as coaching her team members and private clients.

Since 2020 she started delivering her coaching completely online, making it more easily accessible to her clients all over the world. Her goal for 2021 and beyond is to deliver her coaching in group format twice a year, making her services even more accessible.

What people say about Renata's training programs:

Renata is the leading job-hunting expert in this country, quite possibly the world.

"The 7-week program she designed is outstanding. If you are enrolled to do the program, you are in very good hands indeed."

Geoff Slade, Chairman of recruitment firm Slade Group.

Thanks to Renata’s Self-Discovery exercises and personal feedback sessions, I had the ability to search within myself to uncover talents I didn’t even know I had.

"I’m so glad I took this approach, rather than hiring a freelancer to rewrite my LinkedIn profile and CV. There is no “going through the motions” with Renata. Her warmth and genuine interest in helping others reach their personal career goals sets her apart from the rest.”

C., Client. We used a stock photo to protect her privacy.

I absolutely would not have got to this point without your help, it was the best decision I ever made. 

"Now I have more confidence with my CV and LinkedIn profile. Also, your fantastic guidance and clear methodology on all the important steps in the job-hunting process, such as, how to reach out to contacts and recruiters were extremely helpful and I must thank you for highlighting those areas that I needed improvement. It really has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you and talk with you on a regular basis." 

L., Client. We used a stock photo to protect her privacy.

You are protected by our 100% refund policy.

We believe in this program with all our hearts.

But if by the 14th of March 2021 you don't feel it's the right fit for you, you can submit your complete coursework for the first 2 modules and we will issue you a full refund. The reason we ask for your completed coursework is simple: we believe that if you do the work, you will get the value. 

Everything is online.

You can follow along with the live sessions, or do it at your own time and pace.

The Job Hunting Made Simple is 100% online. You can participate from anywhere, anytime, watch the coaching sessions live, or watch the recordings later. You can watch it from any device, from your laptop to your phone. 

Go through the material each week as it's been released, or you can slow things down to fit with your schedule. You can also re-watch it anytime you want.

What people say about Renata's training programs:

When she decided to develop a program for job hunters, I knew she wouldn't do this in half measures.

"Renata is an absolute professional, an inspiring entrepreneur, and a creative and strategic thinker.  She brings extensive corporate, education, and not-for-profit experience to the table both locally and internationally. Renata's deepest passion is helping others with their careers, and she has shown this through the time and care she has put into building her program. I would highly recommend Renata's program for any job seeker, who is looking for a structured way to go about finding their next role. I am thrilled to have her as part of the Career Money Life community, helping thousands of people make successful career transitions.Her passion for helping and supporting others is the reason for her building her Career Coaching program and the program embodies these values and therefore provides people with a wealth of support and great advice to help you make your career transition successfully."

Sandy Hutchinson, Founder and CEO of Career Money Life, former APAC HR ED at Marsh & McLennan, and former HR Partner at HR consulting firm Mercer.

I have seen the results of her work... 

"I encourage people to join Renata Bernarde who stands tall in the corner of the candidate. I have seen the results of her work, which is giving tools to people so they can journey well through the transition period between roles."

Jacinta Whelan, Partner - Interim Executives and Lead Partner in Melbourne at Watermark Search International.

[My manager] found my application by far the most professional application he had seen ...

"I have now been invited on Tuesday for a one-hour session by [Manager] to put a formal structure to my learning plan and ideas that we have been discussing. ”

A. is a Job Hunting Made Simple 2020 Client. We used a stock photo to protect his privacy.

This program is a must for high performers who undersell themselves.

Too often, I interview a talented professional who’s been referred to me by a trusted source but whose CV, interview style, and understanding of their value as an employee is completely at odds with their capability.

I know it’s daunting for professionals who would rather deliver at work than focus on themselves, but Renata will help you reframe that thinking. Your career progress contributes enormously to your own sense of achievement, delivers value to your employer and its purpose, and in many cases helps you build ultimate financial independence. It can be hard to know where to begin on this discovery of your next career step, and everyone feels super vulnerable at some point.

Don’t worry, and there’s a virtual hand holding all the way through. Renata herself is an experienced senior executive who’s been directly involved in many senior hires, leading large teams, and consulting with blue-chip employers. You’ll be amazed to discover what you didn’t know about how to step up into your next role. ”


- Anita Ziemer is the Executive Director of recruitment companies Slade Group and Interchange Bench and is a Senior Consultant at executive search firm TRANSEARCH.  

When can I start?

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