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Let's discuss your career stresses, job hunting blocks and set realistic goals for your career advancement and plans for 2020 and beyond. We can achieve this at a private 1 on 1 consultation.

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"The candidates I suggest meet with Renata always value the advice and really useful tools she provides. A true advocate for the candidate which is important ... even more so in a tough market." 

Jacinta Whelan is the Lead Partner in Melbourne for Watermark Search International. She is also a thought leader and popular speaker on future ways of working, with over 20 years’ search experience in Hong Kong, New York and Australia.

Read this testimonial:

How did the consultation with Renata helped you prepare your job applications?

I discovered Renata when my job applications were already with the prospective employers and I was booked for interviews. But talking to her helped me gather some good pointers that I will be using in my career development in the future. I really liked Renata’s view on making peace with my career gaps, and to be more confident speaking about them. I also liked her practical advice, such as to align my LinkedIn profile and my resume together, so they tell a consistent story.

How did the second call with Renata help you prepare for your job interview?

This was my final interview, but it was my first time at a more informal interview setting: it was the final stage of the selection process and a coffee meeting with the boss! I had very little clue on what to expect. A chat with Renata prepared me for this very important and memorable 'coffee' of my career. I learnt about the different stages of a selection process, the reasoning behind this final step, and the best way to conduct myself at the coffee catch up with my future employer. And yes, I got the job!

Do you think speaking to Renata made a positive impact on your job hunting?

Definitely. I would not have done it without her. I am ambitious, focussed and have worked hard to build my toolbox of skills that I am really proud of. But something was mysteriously missing. Renata gave me that secret missing block and helped me complete my dream picture. I felt much closer to the success. And now, it feels so good to be on the other side. Thanks Renata! And I know that I can always count on her tailored advice to my needs, if I have a career problem to resolve.

Monika is a corporate professional based in Australia. All our engagement was done remotely; we never met in person. She started her new job during the COVID-19 quarantine period. The photo is stock to protect her privacy (but she also has a great smile!).
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What to expect:

  • 60 minutes over Zoom is preferred, so we can "share screen" if needed. We can also use WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or a phone call: whatever is more convenient for you.
  • I will ask you questions to review and investigate where you are in your career, what are your aspirations, and provide you with my tips, education and advice on your career goals, progression and next steps.
  • You will be able to share with me any key issues that are keeping you awake at night, and we can workshop solutions and scenarios together.
  • You will feel less stressed, more motivated and excited about the next steps you need to take to achieve your career goals.



inc. GST for Aussies

  • Set your career goals
  • Start your job hunting 
  • 60 min one on one session
  • More confidence and less stress
  • Address your key concerns
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Read this testimonial if you are considering ongoing coaching:

What were your hesitations about working with a coach?

To be honest, I never needed to invest in coaching before. The cost, as an unemployed, was a considerable investment on a "product" I never needed till now. But I went ahead.

What results have you achieved since you started working with Renata?

Since we started working together the main results for me have been key connections made in a new country, where I am yet unknown and I need to develop a professional network. I also have a much better CV and cover letters than the ones I had before. I'm more confident on LinkedIn and, with Renata's encouragement, I have been writing articles on my areas of expertise and interest.

What would you say to someone considering engaging Renata as a coach?

Renata really cares. I would recommend her services to anyone who, like me, is a seasoned professional but is completely new to a country (or a sector), and need to develop an understanding  and adapt to a new job market. She cares deeply about her clients: although she is running business, I can see that she has my best interest at heart.

David is a banking senior executive with extensive international experience. He arrived in Australia at a challenging time: the aftermath of the Banking Royal Commission, and now the COVID lockdown. So long-term planning and relationship building is of utmost importance. We work together on introductions to headhunters, key connections in his industry (i.e. Citibank, Credit Suisse, Australian Banks) and tailored job applications. We brainstorm and workshop ideas and keep each other accountable, energyzed and ready for the end of lockdown. The photo is stock to protect David's privacy (his hair is not so grey, but it's getting there!)
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Read this testimonial if you are coming back after a long break from corporate:

Why did you engage Renata as a coach?

I had been a small business owner for a decade before I decided to shift career paths. The unknown terrified me. I had no career trajectory, no idea what I was capable of accomplishing, and lacked self-confidence in my pursuits.

What results have you achieved since you started working with Renata?

Thanks to Renata’s Self-Discovery and Actions exercises and personal feedback sessions, I had the ability to search within myself to uncover talents that I didn’t even know I had. From there, we worked together on a LinkedIn makeover and interview preparation.

What you you say to someone considering engaging Renata as a coach?

I’m so glad I took this approach, rather than hiring a freelancer to rewrite my LinkedIn profile and CV. There is no “going through the motions” with Renata. Her warmth and genuine interest in helping others reach their personal career goals sets her apart from the rest.

Chris found a job a few months after we finished our 3-month coaching program. She had been away from the corporate sector, running a small business and raising her young children, for over 10 years! She considered hiring me again when she wanted to switch jobs, but she didn't need to: the skills she learned the first time round were still fresh and she got her new role quickly. She is a business manager on the East Coast of the US. The photo is stock to protect her privacy. Chris found me on LinkedIn and was my first virtual client. All our sessions were via Skype.
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Read this testimonial if you booking a session to deal with a very important career situation:

What was the tipping point that led you to engage Renata's help?

Renata helped me through a gruelling recruitment process and salary negotiations. Her advice and support was instrumental to my successful job transition. 

Katherine moved from a "bricks and mortar", bureaucratic sector, to a fintech startup. Although she did all the legwork herself to get in front of the employer, she needed support in making sure she was getting a good deal. Everything was new to her in how informal the sector was, to stock options as part of her package. She also had two job offers to consider, so there was some leverage there she could use to make a great move. Our engagement was a mix of face to face meetings and late night phone calls. I'm sure it paid off! The photo is stock to protect her privacy. 
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