Hi, I'm Renata and this is my career story...

From a very young age, I remember my favorite play game was to pretend I was working. I was the teacher, the secretary, the horse-jumping instructor! My family had great aspirations for me, which involved me getting a job and being successful at it.

I started working part-time when I was in 8th grade. I was only 14 years old and this was way before any of my friends had jobs. I had all sorts of jobs ever since, always earning money while studying, feeling independent from a young age, and planning my next move. I also knew from a very young age that I loved career coaching. We had a family friend who became a career coach, after a long corporate career. She was fun, enthusiastic, and extremely in love with her profession. I admired her and she gave great advice, some of which I didn’t follow because I was young and stubborn. Now I look back and think wow, I’ve always known this about me, and it’s because Ilse told me this when I was 10, 16 years old!

That independent thinking and planning experience led my husband and me to move to Australia in 2001. We wanted to live in a safe country to raise our 2 boys, and we were exhausted about everything in our home country: the long commutes to work, the traffic, the insecurity about the economy, and most importantly, the safety of our family.

I've had a fair share of bumps along the way!

Moving to Australia was a major undertaking, which required careful planning and a whole lot of courage. Furthermore, a few months after we arrived, my husband and I felt really scared about our situation. We ran out of money very quickly, much faster than we planned.

You see, my husband was a contractor with United Airlines. It was our only source of income and it required him to travel to the head office in Chicago regularly. On the morning of September 11, 2001, he departed for the US from Melbourne. I only saw him again 5 weeks later. I didn’t hear from him for many hours after the terrorist attacks, and I had no idea where he was, and if he was safe. Finally, he called me from Hawaii: his plane and many others had been diverted. Many passengers would be returning to Australia, but he had to make it to Chicago to help his team during the crisis. Things got really complicated at United Airlines, they filed for bankruptcy a few days later, and he didn't get paid for 5 months.

So, I had to look for work. My sons were 7 and 4 at the time, I was in a new country alone with them, no friends (yet), no family, no connections, and to remain in Australia, I had to continue studying full-time. No one would employ me. I had no idea how to job hunt in a new country, or what type of work I could or wanted to do. My story wasn’t compelling because my career in Australia was just starting, and by moving here to study, I was also changing careers. So my pitch had no heads nor tail.

I share everything I know to help you get ahead in your career.

I share everything I know to help you get ahead in your career.
I used to volunteer at university, helping them organize events for overseas agents, as I used to be one myself. In one of these events, I met the Deputy Dean International. He was really interested in knowing more about my time as an educational agent in Brazil. I asked if he needed someone to work for him, and he said yes!

I was finally safe again. I also realized I had found my feet the same way I got my very first job and the same way my career coach friend had taught me: by talking to people, connecting with them, and showing them that I can help.

From then on, I had a great career, I became a senior executive and had many successes. I also started studying career-related topics, taking notes on how to applying for jobs, negotiate salaries and promotions, and deal with recruiters. I kept records of all my career fails and all my successes. I always knew that one day I wanted to help others with their careers.

I’ve been hired, I’ve moved countries, changed careers, applied for roles - successfully and unsuccessfully - I’ve been headhunted, had kids, took steps backward and forwards in my career... Ultimately, I had a very successful career as a senior executive.

That rich experience, together with my extensive research, training, professional network, and connections in the headhunting and recruitment sector allows me to provide great support to my clients and students. I've now combined my knowledge to create a blueprint for my clients. This system, or blueprint, was developed by me over many years. I’ve introduced it to clients, students, and friends. It’s been tested and I feel very confident that it will make a HUGE positive difference to my clients’ career prospects and future success.

A personal invitation to you

I hope you can join me for this important masterclass so that you can have a step-by-step plan to make your job hunting simple and effective. My goal is to help you start planning your career so you can enjoy your life now, and achieve your preferred future. I promise to share with you advice that is current, relevant, and that you won't find it anywhere else. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Career Highlights

  • Managing Director, Pantala Consultancy
  • Founder, Pantala Academy
  • Head of Interim Talent, Watermark Search International
  • Head of Market Strategy, MindTribes
  • Director, Enterprise Portfolio, Monash University
  • Consultant, MBA Assessment Centre Training, Monash University
  • CEO, John Monash Foundation
  • National Manager, Committee for Economic Development of Australia CEDA)
  • State Relationship Manager, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Leadership Development and Career Coach, MBA and Graduate Business School, Monash University
  • Honours Year, Management (Australian equivalent to a Masters degree), Monash University
  • High Distinction Honours Thesis: “Impact of Physical, Psychological, and Social Factors on Performance among Endurance Teams”
  • Bachelor of Commerce, The University fo Melbourne
  • Fellow, Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australia
  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member, Rotary Club of Melbourne
  • Premiun Member, Business Chicks Australia


  • Executive Certificate, Concentration in Nonprofit Leadership, Harvard University
  • Cranlana Leadership and Ethics Colloquium, The Cranlana Programme
  • Leadership Coaching, Grow Coaching International
  • Employer Branding Summit
  • Coaching Masterclass, Human Asset Development Group  
  • Foundations of Positive Psychology, Professor Tal Ben Shahar
  • Difficult Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Resolve Advisors
  • United Nations Entrepreneurial Project EMPRETEC
  • Human Rights Watch, Annual Dinner Organising Committee, Melbourne Australia
  • Victorian Government, International Education Expert Advisory Group Member
  • Business and Career Mentor, The University of Melbourne
  • MBA Advisory Board Member, La Trobe University
  • Fundraising Committee Member, Children's Protection Society
  • John Monash Science School, Philanthropic & Corporate Support Committee Member
  • RMIT University, School of Accounting Program Advisory Committee Member
  • Fitted for Work, Melbourne Advisory Committee Member
  • Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus Scholarship, Women in Focus Summit 2016
  • The Cranlana Programme Scholarship  
  • Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation Award, awarded by the Australian Minister of Education The Hon Julia Gillard to the Monash Graduate Development Team for outstanding contribution to student learning.
  • US Travel Fellowship, Monash University
  • Australian Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) Bass Region Research Grant Award
  • Governance Institute of Australia's Career Series: Governance Roles Beyond 2020 Panel Discussion.
  • Webinar presentation "How to find a job in turbulent times", Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia New Zealand
  • Speaker, FreelancingHub, Deakin University
  • Speaker, Lean in Melbourne End of Year Event
  • Speaker, Leadership Summit, Australian Institute of Mining and Metalurgy
  • Guest Speaker, Slade Group Recruitment Boardroom Lunch
  • Guest Lecturer, Masters of International HRM, RMIT University
  • Assessor, Career Advancement Program Assessment Centre Simulations, Monash University MBA
  • Panelist, Australian International Education Conference
  • Keynote Alumni Address, Dean's Awards Night, The University of Melbourne
  • Keynote Address, Accounting Evening, Monash University
  • Panelist, Deaking University Women in Business Brunch
  • Guest Lecturer, The Future of Leadership and Management, La Trobe University
  • Guest Speaker, What employers look for, La Trobe Universtiy Business School Academic Retreat
  • Guest Speaker, Three tipping points in my career, WHK Melbourne Women in Business
  • Speaker, How one graduate school of business adjusted to the changes in the job market, (Peer-reviewed presentation) National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services Conference
  • Speaker, How to improve team performance by mixing and matching and distressing (Peer-reviewed presentation) Association of Tertiary Education Management Conference
  • Speaker, What kind of team player are you? How to improve team performance by mixing and matching and distressing (Peer-reviewed), Tertiary Education Management Conference
  • Speaker, The Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Conference

"Renata has a welcoming and highly motivating personality. She is always willing to help and provide with a tailored advice. I have witness her commitment for designing and delivering high level programs that put together talented professionals and bring information require in the current challenging job market. When I need career advice, I know that I can count with her."

Pedro C.
Business Manager, Finance Sector

"My first impression of Renata was that she has an extremely warm and motivating personality. She was also patient, supportive and helpful throughout my career search. Renata became a valuable mentor to me. She provides excellent career advice as well as strong knowledge in career management strategies. She is definitely the one to talk to if you need advice on career development needs and opportunities."

Yee L.
Strategy & Corporate Development, Automotive Sector

"It is a unique privilege to work with Renata, her energy and experience inspire great leadership. As a mentor, Renata provides a powerful set of skills and tools to master overwhelming challenges—guiding you with clarity and focus to achieve your vision."

Inga Y.
Editor and Media Producer

"Renata provided tremendous support and opportunities to MBA students such as myself, within her role to assist with career readiness and advice. Utilizing her contacts and knowledge of the recruitment industry, Renata provided us with many opportunities, knowledge and support. This was was a huge value-add to MBA students, who are often at cross-roads with their career upon nearing the completion of post-grad studies. I highly recommend Renata as someone who has great expertise, integrity and is highly personable, treating all her contacts with equal respect and desire for maximizing our networks. Thanks Renata. "

Karina H
Consultant, IT & Telecommunications

"I feel more confident due to the soft skills gained at the developmental programs organized by Renata and will always count on her, whenever I am in need of a career related expert advice. "

Jwalant B.
Managing Partner, Healthcare Sector, India

"I worked with Renata over 10 years ago, at that time she introduced me (and the team) to using positive psychology practices at work. Since then, I have routinely drawn on the ideas and strategies I learnt from Renata. She has helped me to understand how I can build and maintain my resilience. I would recommend working with Renata to anyone, she understands people and the skills they bring, she is positive and driven."

Katherine M.
Quality Management, Education Sector

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