8. Positive Redundancy: Interview with Alistair Freeman

Alistair Freeman wrote a post on his LinkedIn profile describing his experience job hunting, following his redundancy a few months ago. He started by thanking everyone that helped him, and finished off by offering to “pay it forward”. His post was sent to me by one of our listeners and I loved it. Alistair described the rejections he received, the ghosting he got from some recruiters, but also pointed out the power of networking and that it had been fun for him to reconnect with great relationships he had lost touch with over time.

It is rare for someone to share redundancy stories so I didn’t think twice, immediately contacted Alistair and invited him to be interviewed for this podcast. And I am so happy he agreed, because he had so much more to say, and a few surprises that I really enjoyed hearing about, and I hope that you will enjoy it too.

Alistair’s story of redundancy may be unique, but there are many lessons to be learned here, such as:

  • to use the disruption of the redundancy to re-evaluate your lifestyle;
  • to be open to new sectors and opportunities
  • to have a positive mindset while job hunting, because it is a stressful experience.

So if you are wondering how Alistair dealt with his redundancy, where he is now and what he learned in the process, listen up!

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