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Reset Your Career

We can all agree that the pandemic has made things really challenging. This program was designed on the assumption that maybe you and other professionals like you, at some point, lost track of your career goals, your focus, and your ambitions. Most importantly, lockdown, working from home, and unemployment have left many of us disconnected from what employers are now searching for in their new hires.

Reset Your Career is a program to kickstart our engines and put you back on track.

Reset Your Career was designed by Renata Bernarde, a job-hunting expert and career strategist, with input from recruiters and industry experts. The aim is to launch or reset your job hunting with a series of masterclasses and a 31-day action plan.

This program is perfect for professionals and executives hoping to have successful careers in the corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Renata Bernarde - an experienced Career Strategist and Job Hunting Expert - will personally take you through the step-by-step of how to reset your career and start getting your job search plans into gear.

Workshop Program

The workshop is available on-demand for you to listen inside the online platform whenever you want.

31 Days of Actions Plan

You will be able to activate a step-by-step plan designed to motivate you and support the development of a successful career advancement routine. Once activated, you will receive one email per day for 31 days. Each email includes a new task, advice, or recommendation to boost your job hunting or professional development. 

Resources Library

The Reset Your Career online platform includes easy-to-download templates, workbooks, and documents to support job hunting and career planning. These can be downloaded. following resources for you to download:

  • Workbook: Top 10 Tips for Making Job Hunting More Successful and Less Stressful 
  • Guide: COVID-19 Essentials for Corporate Professionals
  • Workbook: How to Job Hunt During Turbulent Times
  • The Mega List of Action Verbs for Career Enthusiasts
  • Checklist: How to Give and Receive Feedback
  • LinkedIn Checklist.
  • Optimized Job Search Schedule Workbook
  • Email Template To Recruiters. 
  • Resume and Cover Letter Templates (Australian and US Style). 


Thank you Renata Bernarde - all your advice has paid off! And thank you for these constructive actions. I did not know that some of them were part of the mix in attracting recruiters! I need to go back to day 1 of the 31 Days of Actions, and start again! :)

Thank you for all your advice and knowledge! Great webinar and lots to consider!! :)

I really enjoyed it and got some tips that I can put into practice. Your 70/30 rule is a good thing to keep in mind (especially for an over-deliverer like me!). Many thanks!

So nice to hear from you again. I missed you since your time at the Monash MBA. I must applaud this initiative you've started! I signed my contract yesterday...thanks again for your help and constant support. It's a great opportunity to develop my brand and continue to grow towards the next milestone in my career.

What you explained about redundancy really resonated with me. Thank you!

I was looking forward to this so much! Thank you for your honest share.

Wow, I had not idea about this, Renata! Going to give it a try! Thank you.

Thank you for these amazing tips, Renata. Career planning is undervalued!