55. From city life to tropical paradise: A positive redundancy story update with Alistair Freeman.

In November 2019, a podcast listener contacted me to say Alistair Freeman had written a very personal account on LinkedIn about his experience being made redundant, looking for work, tapping on his network, going through recruitment and selection, and ultimately finding a new job. At the time, those real and vulnerable personal stories of redundancies were nowhere to be found. After reading his post, I messaged him and invited Alistair to expand on his experience a bit more as a guest of this podcast. That episode is number 8. Positive Redundancy: Interview with Alistair Freeman.

Since then, a lot has changed! I really enjoyed my chat with Alistair and had penciled in my calendar that it would be great to catch up with him again in 12 months. Considering Alistair made a sector change and a seachange, I am really grateful that he agreed to the second interview: these are two ideas that are very trendy at the moment with professionals impacted by the pandemic. 

Once again, Alistair was a fantastic guest, really open and generous with his time and tips for other professionals going through a career transition. I hope that you enjoy the chat and that Alistair's positivity inspires you.

Alistair was fortunate to have a career coach as part of his redundancy plan. If there's anything I can do to support your career transition, please don't hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or book a time for a chat using this link: https://app.harmonizely.com/rb/30min


04:19 – Moving from a big city to a small town.

08:52 – Internet connectivity.

11:19 – Regional community and the pandemic.

13:37 – Regional jobs.

15:53 – Remote work and living in the "bush."

17:46 – Planning your move.

21:18 – Finding a job.

23:38 – Moving on a budget.

25:51 – The downside.

27:58 – Others following his footsteps?

30:28 – Moving, children, and networking.


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