23. Living in a VUCA environment (COVID Series)

On Janet’s LinkedIn profile you will find the following statement which perfectly summarizes her skills: ” I nurture and embed innovation in organizations, experiencing the shockwaves of disruptive change in our VUCA world. I enable people to step over the threshold that opens up a new world of conscious, creative & commercial possibilities.”

In addition to her expertise, Janet’s personality, her calmness, the tone of her voice adds to her wisdom and makes listening to this podcast a must. Please do so. You will notice we don’t mention covid-19 – that’s because it was recorded a while back – but every sentence, every learning is applicable to the situation we find ourselves today. You will want to take note. I tried, but basically the entire interview is a treat. I would recommend going to the episode show notes and downloading the transcript: https://www.renatabernarde.com/23transcript

Janet is a consultant and coach who helps other coaches like me, leaders and organisations adapt and grow through disruption. Her expertise is in helping society understand what it means to BE innovative and adaptive to change. You see, you may aim for innovation all you want, but you won’t get it if you don’t start acting differently, structuring your business differently, and being nimble to adopt and adapt to change fast as opportunities and threats come along.

It’s been hard to keep up and adapt to the constant changes to our lives since the outbreak of the covid-19 went global. Our world has changed, our days have changed, the way we shop, eat, interact with our loved ones has changed. Some of us have lost our jobs. Business owners have had to shut shop. On the other hand, hospital staff, doctors, nurses, supermarkets, call centres, online retailers, digital service providers have had an exponential demand for their services and products. All of these changes have disrupted the structures in our lives, economies, societies and international borders. This interview with Janet Sernack is therefore perfect for this point in time. 

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