12. Two unexpected ways to boost your recruitment prospects and career advancement on a budget.

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Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Renata Bernarde and this is the Job Hunting Podcast, where I give you tips, advice and interview experts to help you nail your next job and have the career you want.


Two unexpected ways to boost your recruitment prospects and career advancement on a budget


During the month of January 2020, starting today, I’m sharing with you and my followers 31 small but very effective steps you can take to advance your career prospects this year. I already shared 2 steps on social media, one yesterday, on the first day of the year. And one today. And we will go one, one day at a time, until the end of January. This will be fun! And also easy, actionable, simple and the way I like things, that is, step by step.


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Another announcement about my availability for 2020. If you browsed my website, you’ll know I only see up to 5 clients at any one time. Well for the period of February until August I only have 2 spots available, and this is for the 90-day projects of course. For 1-1 Online Private consultations I am always available. You send me a distress signal and I’m ready to help. This is the difference between the 2. With the 90-day projects I am committed to them as much as you. Examples of projects are:

  • Amplifying your personal brand and opportunities during a specific time, such as when you receive an award like Telstra awards for example; or
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  • Supporting you when you are returning to Australia after a long break; or
  • You want to change careers, or expertise and we work on a transition plan; or
  • You are going through a prolonged recruitment or promotion process and need team support, and so on

Examples of 1-1 consultations are:

  • You had a very pivotal, urgent, issue that came up at work and you need urgent support to feel confident about taking the next steps;
  • You are about to accept a job offer but want to bounce back ideas and maximise your package
  • You received more than one offer, and you want to support to discuss the opportunities before making a decision
  • You are about to resign and you want to support before taking the next step.
  • You have no idea where to begin and need support


So this is why I only have limited number of clients on the 90-day project. But as someone who is determined to help you always, I’m always available for 1-1 online private sessions. At least for the foreseeable future, as I can still manage all my clients. But believe me I have already lined up amazing coaches to support me and you if we come to that. But for now, just letting you know that until August I am partially booked and can still accommodate 2 clients, and from September onwards at this stage I am free as a bird for 90-day projects. If you want to know more please check my website, the link will be in the show notes.


Ok so let’s talk about the 2 unexpected and very cheap ways you can boost your job hunting prospects and/or your career advancement. I bet you are not even thinking about these 2 actions you can take, and you can’t see how they relate to job hunting but believe me they do.


Numero uno!

Set up a professional voicemail message.

  1. First and foremost: you got to HAVE A VOICEMAIL! if your current mobile plan doesn't include one, consider changing/upgrading. Recruiters, hiring managers and head-hunters get frustrated with that 10-second message to text that rarely ever works.


  1. Write down a simple, short, courteous and professional message. Example: "Hi, you've reached [your name]. I'm unable to come to the phone right now. But if you leave your name, number and a short message, I'll be sure to call back."


  1. Don't believe what you find in the internet and write a message asking people to send you an email. If they called you they want to speak to you. Assume that and don't send people away!


  1. Record your voicemail message inside a closet, or in a carpeted small room. You can also put a blanked over your head. Place the microphone close to and slightly above your mouth,


  1. Set it up so the message works when the phone is busy and when you don't answer. Ask a friend to call you and test that the message is working.


Number two

Update your social media privacy settings

General rule of thumb if you are in corporate, government and public sector roles:

- keep your life private.

- keep your professional credentials on display.

- be mindful of your current employment and what you can and cannot say publicly.

- don't mix them up. That is, avoid over-sharing work information in your personal social media channel, and be careful not to share cat videos on LinkedIn. If you think people don't do this, you are not on those platforms enough. Trust me, it's happening a lot!


  1. LinkedIn:

- if you are looking for work, make sure to turn on your "job preferences" so it's available to recruiters (available for LinkedIn Premium).

- if you are doing profile and career research, make yourself anonymous so you can browse without looking like a stalker.

- if you are updating your profile, turn off notifications to your connections, so they don't see every little bit of editing you do.

- Make your LinkedIn accessible and publicly available.


  1. Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat:

- my recommendation is to always keep your Facebook private. Use Facebook to connect with friends and family and allow you to share some personal information and pictures with friends and family in this busy and noisy world.


  1. Instagram

- if you love photography, have a hobby (i.e. fishing, stone collection) you may want to use Instagram as your outlet and medium to share your passion.

- if it's pictures of you and friends having cocktails, photos of smashed avocados, your babies, the beach you went to for summer, then see note above about Facebook and keep it private.


  1. Twitter

- use it to follow leaders of your industry, journalists.

- if you are a confident social leader, this is a great platform for you to contribute.


Next week we continue with the easy, small but very effective ways we can move faster towards our career goals. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow The Job Hunting Podcast and subscribe to my newsletter. I’m happy to ensure you keep motivated and energized as you pursue your career goals.


Bye for now


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