Transcript #10: Your “Best of 2019 Day” holds the secret to your 2020 career planning

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Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Renata Bernarde and this is the Job Hunting Podcast, where I give you tips, advice and interview experts to help you nail your next job and have the career you want.

We are getting close to the Festive Season which, for some, is not so festive at all. Or it can be, but on the back of your mind you are over-worked, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, and thinking why is this happening again!

Every year, at this time, things get silly. At work, everyone wants to cross ts and dot is before they take leave. It gets worst: Many are about to lose their jobs, or have lost already. I’m watching the documentary Imagineering on the new Disney TV, which follows the development of the Disney theme parks over the decades, and the amazing creative professionals working behind the scenes. Even at Disney, when times get tough, employees lose their jobs just before Christmas.

Either by my own doing or due to external circumstances I’ve had many stressful ends of year since well, forever it seems! Here is a list:

  • I packed my bags and life over Christmas and moved to Australia with 2 young children in January
  • I became a CEO just before Christmas, it was a steep learning curve for me. At the same time, we were re-mortgaging and renovating our house
  • I left my role as CEO also just before Christmas. I felt really lost that year.
  • One Christmas, my boss suffered an accident. I got the call I believe the night before Christmas and it made me really worried and anxious. The next few months were very stressful, I had to take up responsibilities, he was quite ill. – it wasn’t as stressful for me as it was for him, I’m sure but still, it was an anxious time
  • Once I changed jobs over Christmas, started working for an organisation on the 4th of January – always an anxious time.
  • After Sept 11, my husband went 5 months without being paid – he was a contractor working for an Airline and things were really complicated back then. He eventually kept working for them, but it made our first Christmas in a new country really stressful.

So, you see, I developed a tough skin, and coping mechanisms, and as someone who always sees the silver lining in everything, I used the crisis to learn, grow, plan ahead, re-evaluate, and I really do a lot of that over December and January. I find it is the right time for me and many. Yes there is the New Year’s resolution situation but more than that. Our social clock is scheduled is set to end and begin at this time, it just makes sense to me to use it to serve me, instead of letting it control me.

So, the Planning for 2020 begins. And it’s not just a new year, folks it’s a new decade! So, what have I learned over the years that you can do now to set your career on track in the new decade?

Well I’ve put 5 actions – or you can call them mindset shifts, strategies – into a webinar format, and I’ll be presenting it LIVE – wish me luck with the technology my friends!  - at 11am every day from Friday 20 December until Tuesday 24 December. I’ve called it RESET YOUR CAREER: THE 5 Actions You Can Take Now for Best Results In 2020.

I’d love if you could join me live!!! It’s exciting for sure; I’ve never done anything like this before, and my CRM tells me I already have a number of registrations!

I finished polishing the ideas today, and feel ready and pumped to share them with you.

I’ll leave the link to the webinar registration in the show notes, so please go check it out and join me live. If you are listening to this podcast after 11am on Tuesday 24 December, I’ll make sure the link goes somewhere where you can be informed, if you choose, of future events.


But I don’t want to leave you hanging, and in this episode, I’ll discuss something that I didn’t include in my 5 strategies. So, let’s call this the 6th strategy, shall we?

Before I go on and tell you all about it,

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Ok, so here it is.

Let’s do a bit of looking back in 2019.

If you can, please close your eyes.

What was the best day of 2019?

I’m thinking a weekday, a work day, but let your mind wonder, it may want to find some other day, maybe?

Maybe this perfect day was not 1 entire day, but a patchwork of experiences that happened in different days! That’s fine too.

Today you get to patch them together into a perfect 2019 day for you.

You woke up, since it’s a perfect day, feeling wonderful.

For me it was on the 19th of January, but I had a bit more time to think.

Maybe you want to stop the audio a bit and find your perfect morning.

I’ll be here, I’ll wait.

What did you do that morning after you woke up? What activities did you do?

And Lunch?
I had some very special lunches this year, so I’ll patch up a March lunch that was really awesome at the office.

And the perfect afternoon at work? What did you do?

Who was with you?

What made it so special?

How did your day end?

Did you go home, or did you go out somewhere?

Did you exercise that day, your special day?
I’ve patched that up in mine as an early morning walk of about 6ks, listening to a long podcast interview, where I stopped half way for a coffee at a café on the beach, close to home,

I slept early on my perfect day, around 10ish.

I was readying Less, which is a lovely happy book,

The best book I read this year.

How about your end of day? Was it lively? Or was it quiet like mine?

Now that’s a gorgeous day!

Do you want to have more of that??

How can you ensure many more great days in 2020?
Will that be your new year’s resolution? To have more great days? We all know it won’t be great every single day, but we also know there are things we can do to maximise the chances of it being great many times over!!

Can your current work situation support you in having many great days?

Or do you need to make adjustments?

Join me for my Webinar RESET your Career, and let’s see what else we can do to make 2020 your best year yet!

Link to register in the show notes, and on my website etc etc!


See you on Friday!!


Bye for now



Click here to see the episode show notes. 

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